Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Wired Puppy- Provincetown, MA

In line at the The Wired Puppy, a coffee shop near the water front in Provincetown, Massachusetts, the woman in front of us mumbled that it was "the first line of the season."  The coffee shop was buzzing even during the off season in a town that is heavily populated with tourists in the late spring and summer time.  I asked the woman if this was her favorite coffee place and she told me that basically if she wanted regular coffee she would just make it at home, but she ventured out to the Wired Puppy because of their superb flavored and speciality coffee drinks.

I got the coffee the coffee of the day which was delicious and only $1.75

I was pleased to see that they had organic dairy substitutes! 

These four different blends were considered the coffee of the day.

Coffee of the day was prime.

Very warm and comforting atmosphere. 

Great people watching from the bar over looking the street.

Free parking during the off season!!!

The water front is right around the corner from the Wired Puppy, I got this shot from the parking lot.

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