Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dawn Til Dusk

Dawn Til Dusk is a small coffee and sandwich shop located on 90 Pond Street South Weymouth, MA.  It is owned by a woman, ironically named Dawn, who has kept it up and running for as long as I can recall.  In the summers when I was a kid, it would be a special treat to be able to walk down to Dawn Til Dusk and get a slush puppy on a hot day.  And as I got a bit older, maybe around 11 or 12, it would be an extra special treat if I were able to walk there by myself or with a friend.
The outside of the shop is very inviting.  The rustic colors make it look like it could be someone's home.  There are benches and tables with chairs set up in front of and besides the shop.  Dawn Til Dusk is located right next to a set of traintracks which can be loud, but children enjoy watching the train go by.  The white wooden signs on the side of the building show off just some of what Dawn Til Dusk's extensive menu has to offer.  On the menu, there are beverages ranging from raspberry lime Rickey's to vanilla hazelnut iced coffee (which is what I typically order).  For food, there are options for breakfast or lunch.  From bagels to fresh sandwiches, Dawn Til Dusk seems to have it all.

Behind the display counter are there muffins, bagels, danishes, croissants, and fresh fruit.  A small fruit cup is always my go to.  But what are not on display are the different sandwiches, wraps, and other lunch items that Dawn Til Dusk provides.  If I am ordering for lunch, I usually order the Mediterranean wrap. When ordering, you can call ahead for take-out or eat-in.  And if you do choose to eat-in, they will politely tell you to take a seat and then bring your order over to you when it is done!  They definitely have awesome customer service and a friendly staff.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been a customer of Dawn Til Dusk for what seems like 21 years now.  After all of the money I have spent here, specifically on coffee, I had never once thought to ask about where it had come from or how it was brewed until this assignment had been given to me.  When asking about the coffee, the barista did not know much about it.  She knew that it was from New England Coffee and that it was arabica, but she could not tell me much more than that.  I was sort of disappointed in her response.  Although the barista could not tell me much, it has no way altered my opinions on the small shop.  After asking her questions about the coffee, I then ordered my usual iced vanilla hazelnut with milk and no sugar.

In a separate area away from the counter, there is a room with tables and chairs with some large windows that look out onto Pond Street.  When I was a kid, the largest table with the stools was stocked with board games that we, as children, would get excited about playing while our parents chatted over breakfast or lunch.  Since then, the games have been removed (I am not sure if this is because not as many kids come in anymore or if they are just too occupied on their iPads and iPhones to play a board game).  Anyway, I was there early in the morning around 7:30am on a Wednesday which is why not many people were sitting down and relaxing.  Most of the costumers were getting their orders to go as they must have been on their way to work.  I sat at a table for two next to the window so that I could conveniently people watch.

 To the right, you can see where the two rooms, one with the counter and some high top tables and one with all of the lower chairs and tables, are separated.  While I was there, I could tell who the regulars were.  There was a group of men standing around chatting about the work day ahead of them.  They knew the baristas by name and I could tell that they were comfortable here in the shop.

Overall, my experience here is always pleasant.  I know a lot of the girls that work behind the counter from high school or just from around town.  Dawn Til Dusk is a local shop with a homey feel that welcomes all.  I have known the owner, Dawn, just about my whole life and when she is in the shop, she is always greeting her customers with a warm smile, as does the rest of the staff.  Growing up next to a local business like this has been my pleasure.  Whether it is stopping in by myself for a quick coffee and bagel before work, going in for a fruit cup with friends, or taking the five minute walk form my house with my mom to grab a freshly squeezed lemonade, Dawn Til Dusk remains not only my favorite local coffee and sandwich shop, but a place of comfort and acceptance in the sometimes hectic town of Weymouth.

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