Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mirasol's Café

   ~The Location

Located just a stone throw away from Umass Dartmouth, it's no question that Marisol's receives some of the most devoted coffee fans standing outside and around the corner for their favorite java.  In the area surprisingly enough is a Dunkin' Donuts, although seemingly vacant.

~The Atmosphere

 Given Sundays are the hottest day to visit a cafe, I had to say that this was like no other shop I've been too.  Inviting atmosphere, comfortable seats, and even free wifi? The only thing they're missing is an award winning cup of joe, oh wait, they have that too.

~The Coffee~

So, lets get to why your'e here.  The coffee.  If you're into a highly caffeinated ice coffee then the Chippi, (shown below) their signature drink is for you.  It's marketed as highly addictive and dangerous.  Just the kind of drink I like.

~The Service

As you can see above, Mirasol's gets busy.  Luckily, having an exceptional staff there to get customers amazing service both fast and seamless is the answer to all the problems.  They made the expected fifteen minute wait time into a food-in-hand satisfactory time of five minutes.


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