Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pavement Coffeehouse

Pavement Coffeehouse

On the Saturday of a long weekend leading up to the famous Marathon Monday, Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts was filled with tourists. It was a beautiful day outside, so I decided to take advantage of it by going to visit a coffee shop in the area that I had never been to before called Pavement Coffeehouse.

When I entered the coffee shop, I was surprised to see how busy it was considering it was about 4:00 and the coffee rush is usually in the morning. There were many people in and out during my time in the coffee shop. The inside of the coffee shop was very pleasant and welcoming, and there was even a sign hanging up about contacting the shop if you were interested in having your art on display. There was not a lot of seats available for the inside of the cafe due to how busy it was, but they had an outside seating area as well.

To drink I had was a drip coffee, which they served black and had an area to add cream/milk and sugar as desired. The coffee was very fresh and flavorful. I found out that they get their coffee from Counter Culture Coffee. Counter Culture Coffee is a great company that assures quality coffee by roasting, bagging, and shipping the coffee all on the same day. They also identify the farm and cooperatives and identify the origin of where the coffee is coming from. The Counter Culture Coffee Pavement Coffeehouse had on display were products of Ethiopia, Columbia, Bolivia, and New Guinea.

The menu had a lot to offer with hot or iced coffee, tea, and espresso. They also have a breakfast menu consisting of bagels and different types of breakfast sandwiches, and sandwiches and salads for lunch. While I only had a coffee on my visit, I learned from their website that they are very well-known for their food as well, and they have even received numerous awards including "One of Boston's Best Breakfast Sandwiches 2016", among many others related to their food and coffee.

Overall, I highly recommend checking out Pavement Coffeehouse. There are six different locations, all in the Boston area, all of which have their own unique ambience. The coffee was very flavorful and fresh and comes from a great company, focused on providing the best for not only the consumers, but also the producers such as the farmers and cooperatives.

Locations & Hours of Operation:

1334 Boylston St

44 Gainsborough St

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