Monday, April 30, 2012

Ula Cafe - Jamaica Plain, MA

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Ula Cafe is a small cafe that is located in Jamaica Plain, Boston. luckily for them they are located right next to the Sam Adams Brewery. So, people who are waiting or finished from a tour can go to the cafe and have a cup of coffee with something light to eat. Also, because of this the place is always busy with customers. 

They have Fair Trade coffee with many different kinds of coffee such as coffee, espresso, Americano, Cafe Latte, Cappucino, Macchiato, Mocha Latte, Mochaccino, Spicy Mocha, Mate Mocha, Cafe au Lait, and Cafe Cubano. Their coffee is served in a ceramic cup. I had a black coffee to see how good it would be and I would have to say it was not bad. it was slightly strong for me but it was fresh tasting. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was on the left they had pictures of coffee fruit off a tree.I liked seeing that it made me think of class and the photos we have seen. 

Their clientele is people that are older than twenty and are casually dressed. There were some business dress customers but mostly casual apparel. There was a mix between men and females. There were groups of people between two to three and individuals sitting down. It was mostly a sit down place not a take out from what I saw. It seemed like there were no regulars because the people just were either alone or talking with their one or two friends brought along. The people who where by themselves were either reading or on their laptop. Several people were on a laptop I noticed. 

This would be a great place to have in every town's center. A place where people can go have a great tasting cup of coffee with something light to eat and relax reading a book, surfing the web,  writing a paper, or just to go kill time talking with a friend. I would definitely recommend stopping by this place if your in the neighborhood.


Select Cafe

Select cafe is located on 2 Belgrade Ave in Roslindale, MA. This coffee shop is located right across the street from the Village MBTA commuter rail so it gets a lot of early morning business from people taking the train to work. Many of the regulars at this coffee shop are of foreign decent the owner is also foreign. The shop has been opened for 3 years now and before it was Select Cafe there was another shop there named Emac and Bolios. Select Cafe uses Illy and Lavazza coffee and had other drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. The cafe offered minimal flavors  they had colombian, dark french roast, french vanilla, cinnamon, and hazelnut. The prices were reasonable similar to a Dunkin Donuts. The food selection varied from ice creams and frozen yogurts to breakfast and bistro style sandwiches. On display  were canaries and also many paintings from local artists that the owner had bought. The hours are form 7 am to 7 pm and they offer free wifi.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Andrew's Coffee Shop in NYC (If you can call it that)

Andrew's Coffee Shop in NYC (If you can call it that)'s+coffee+shop+manhattan+hours&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1268&bih=602&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ei=sBWbT53IL4bX0QG45qWIDw&sa=X&oi=mode_link&ct=mode&cd=3&ved=0CCAQ_AUoAg

Andrew's Coffee Shop Is located in the heart of Manhattan borough of New York City at 463 Fashion Ave. I was in New York at the time traveling for a Boston Bruins game so I decided to look for a coffee shop that I could knock out this assignment with. While walking around the city this place jumped out at me mainly because it said "coffee shop" I was sold and so I walked in top see what I could uncover. I knew it would be busy since it was New York but this was a Monday Morning type busy and I was there around noon time on a Sunday. I looked at the line and figured this had to be a good place but I noticed the service was not that good It was very slow and judging body language people seemed to be getting impatient. As I got closer in line I could tell the employees didnt speak much english so I knew that any chance to ask them about the coffee type, if it was fair trade or any type of question was a pipe dream at this point. When it was my turn I ordered a small cappuchino. The coffee itself was ok nothing too special I was just glad that it was at least hot. The prices were also serviceable for New York I think my coffee was only a couple dollars at most. Even though it says its a coffee shop it looked more like a small restaurant to me with families and such. If you decide to brave it out the hours are Mon-Fri 6am to 10pm Sat. 7am to 10 pm and  Sun 7 am to 8pm.

-Brett Trainor

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hatters beat the Bears! The Stetson University Coffee Shop

I was fortunate enough to be selected to travel to DeLand, Florida on behalf of BSU to participate in Stetson University's Model Senate program. During the 5 days that I was there, I frequented the Coffee Shop they had on campus.

The coffee shop surprised me since it was run by Sodexo (much like our coffee corner in the basement of the library at BSU) and also brewed Starbuck's coffee but despite the similarities, the coffee shop at Stetson just seemed much better. During my visits, I quickly realized why that was.

The Stetson Coffee Shop is the most crowded spot on campus and is located in the main building. It was opened recently, 2 years ago, on the request of the students. It replaced a much LESS popular "Stetson Station" which served less than tasteful coffee which was disliked equally by all.

The Stetson Coffee shop owes most of its popularity to the fact that they are open 7 days a week, rain or shine! Even though the menu contains the basic Starbucks commodities, they also serve Panini's, desserts, salads and even mini customizable pizzas, quiches and chicken wings.

The part that attracted me most about their coffee shop that made theirs distinct from ours was the ambiance. They played all types of music ranging from modern hits to classical compositions from the Baroque period and also played some Mozart pieces. They have tried to create an antique feel in their shop with old lamps and furnishings but they have enough lighting so that people can cozy up on a big chair and read a book.

The main competition they face is surprisingly not from Dunkin Donuts even though there are two within a mile radius of the campus. I think that might be because Southern states don't have a particular liking towards Dunkin Donuts as much as we do up north. Their main source of competition is the Hat Rack on campus. The Hat Rack serves gourmet coffee along with smoothies and sandwiches and soup. But, their main focus is on their Einstein Bagels and not the coffee thus limiting their role as competition.

My visit included a Starbucks Vanilla Frappucino. I consecutively visited for 3 days. The place mostly housed students and faculty members dropped in and grabbed their coffees and ran to class. The Barista's knew everyone on a first name basis along with their usual orders. They quickly spotted me as an outsider and asked me if I had recently joined the Stetson family.

Maybe, this might be motivation enough for BSU students and faculty members to round everybody up and petition for a new coffee shop. If Stetson University can do it, so can Bridgewater State University!

Zohaa Basra

Stetson University
421 N. Woodland Blvd.
DeLand, FL  32723

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"Harmony of Flavors" at Trio Cafe in Whitman, Ma

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Trio Cafe is a very small coffee shop located at 12 Temple St in downtown Whitman. Its about a fifteen minute drive on rt 18 from Bridgewater. I visited at around 11 on a tuesday morning and I was the only customer they had at that time, so I was able to ask many questions to one of the women working there. She was very nice and informative about their cafe, stating that they serve Lavazza coffee from Italy and that its high in caffeine content. She also told me that the age range in customers was around 15 to 70 because they serve a wide range of drinks and panini sandwiches. The price range was very reasonable spending under five dollars on a large iced coffee and a small hot coffee. Dunkin' Donuts was kiddy corner from them of  the other side of the intersection doing business as usual. They are open from 8:00 to 4:00 every day besides sunday on which they close at 2:00. Theres also a slight language barrier that and I couldn't pinpoint what nationality they are. Overall I was very pleased with their service and enjoyed the coffee they served me. It got my day started with a real caffeine rush.
Tommy Benoit

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"The Rise Cafe"- Somerset MA

"The Rise Cafe" is located in Somerset, MA on County Street, a main road in the town. The shop sells a variety of drinks including hot and iced coffee (New England Coffee) as well as lattes and teas. They also have a variety of home made pastries including delicious homemade cupcakes. They also have a lunch menu that includes various salads and sandwiches. They had a drive-thru or you could get your food to go or eat inside. The inside of the shop was modern and had a relatively large seating area. One great aspect of the shop is that they also have an eating bar where people were sitting and casually talking over lunch. A large TV behind the bar had the local news  on that some of the customers were watching. The staff was friendly and seemed to know many of the customers at the bar who were of adult and middle age. The shop is open Mon-Fri 5:30am-6pm, Sat 6:30am-5pm, and Sun 6:30am-2pm. While the coffee was only average I have been told the food and cupcakes are great and I plan on returning to try some of them for myself.

The Hot Chocolate Sparrow

View Larger Map Tucked away just off of Old Colony Way in Orleans, MA not even half a mile from a Dunkin Donuts is The Hot Chocolate Sparrow. This little shop was originally opened in 1989 in Eastham and was not moved to Orleans until 1991. Originally The Sparrow, as it is known to locals, was just a candy store. However since the move to Orleans in 1991 they have become a full cafe with drinks, pastries, and even ice cream.The Sparrow even has its own gift cards! They are open 364 days a year, everyday but Christmas and have great hours.Sunday thru Thursday they are open from 6:30 am until 9pm, Friday and Saturday from 6:30am until 11pm! And don't worry if you can't make it to the Cape, through their website you can order some of their delicious chocolate anytime. Website: 

 Here are just a few images of what they have to offer.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Atlantic Bagel

Atlantic Bagel is located in the middle of South Main St. in Cohasset, MA. It is a quite busy area with limited parking available. There is a Dunk n' Donuts about 2 miles away from Atlantic Bagel so there is some competition, but I believe the reputation of their bagels keeps a steady stream of loyal customers walking through its doors. Almost everyone that entered the shop while I was in there got some sort of bagel, which included one lady ordering a bag full of bagels. When I approached the owner about his coffee he had very little knowledge other than it was made by a local roasting company called Araban, it was fair trade coffee, and that it was very good. He was right about that the coffee was very rich in flavor and one of the few coffees I have ever tolerated drinking black. He was extremely friendly and was able to answer any question I had. Overall it was a great experience to a very lovely shop with a friendly crew, great coffee, and amazing bagels.

-Tyler Stewart
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Redeye Roasters

Redeye Roasters is located at 3 Otis Street in Hingham MA. This coffee shop is located right on the ocean front in Hingham. Its perfect location is great for people walking to and from the beach on a beautiful summer day. Redeye Roasters is owned by a man named Bob Weeks who used to sell his coffee from his house. One day he decided to open a shop of his own and it turned out to be a big success. Coffee in his shop is shipped in from different countries around the world in small quantities. After deciding if the coffee he had was something he could work with and make a big seller, he would buy it in bulk from that country. Along with coffee, he sells pastries, ice cream, floats, and espressos. Coffee remains the number one selling product of his shop!

View Larger Map Caroline McDonagh

The Better Bean Coffee Co.

The Better Bean is a cozy little spot in the Center of Bridgewater, MA.  It has a friendly environment where you can sit and enjoy delicious beverages and sandwiches, as well as teas and pastries.  It is a "Mom & Pop" shop that started about seven years ago that serves Kahve Brand coffee.  It seemed to be a popular joint because when I visited around 2:30 in the afternoon, there were about 10 people, a few which seemed to be regulars by the way they conversed with the baristas.  The prices were reasonable, and was worth every penny because it was delicious.  Their hours are from 7am to 11pm, Monday through Sunday.

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Coffee Express and More

Located in North Weymouth, MA, this small to-go coffee place has a lot more to offer than it looks. It is on 374 Bridge Street near a busy intersection. It is off to the side of a busy street, but doesn't jump out at you, I drove right past it when looking for it. Coffee Express and More has a walk up window as well as a drive thru. It has a variety of coffees: iced and hot, espresso and also some bakery items. It was first difficult to see what they had to offer because the menu was on the other side of the building, but the girl working there helped me out. I told her I was looking to order iced coffee and she recommended some flavors to me. I would definitely recommend this place to people, but make sure you let the worker know that it is your first time there. She let me know different flavors to get and the sizes are very generous for the price. A large is huge and only costs $2.90! Everyone should at least check it out once and give it a try because I enjoyed it, especially because I was on the move. They get all of there coffee from New England coffee and that is the only thing she knew about the coffee.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Coffee Break

Coffee Break is located in Quincy, MA and there are three shops, all in Quincy. Everything about Coffee Break is well respected and growing up in Quincy it is the most popular CafĂ© shop in Quincy. The customer service is very people funny and the coffee is made how customers want it. Coffee is there main drink but they also have different favors of tea. Also, they have numerous of frozen drinks coffee and non-coffee. There Beans are bought exclusively from four different certified Specialty Coffee roasters. They also, offer fair trade and organic choices. They have 16 different coffee favors and the most popular is the “Jamaican Me Crazy”. The dairy is from a local farm that is hormone free. All there baked goods are also, fresh bought from local Bakeries daily. Coffee Break is very Community friendly; they have live music and art display from local artists. Wi-Fi is available and they have all leather couches where customer sit down and do work or surf the net. If your ever in Quincy and want a great cup of coffee and a break, stop at Coffee Breaks three locations: 12 Old Colony Ave, 77 Parkingway and 247 Atlantic St. Hours: M-F 5:30a-6:00p, Sa 6:00a-5:00p, Su 6:00a-5:00p

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Delicious & Brand New Tara-Jan's in Rockland, MA

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Tara-Jans Cafe is located in Rockland, MA and just recently opened in March 2012. Although they are just starting out, they are certainly making a name for themselves. Always busy, which lead to the initial hours of operation to extend longer than the family thought. Not only do they serve delicious coffee combinations, but they also serve paninis. While visiting, you can catch a movie from the 80's on their flat screen TV or just enjoy the atmosphere of the 80’s style decor. Most customers that come in are in groups or families trying out the cool new spot in town. While I was there I enjoyed a coffee that the family named after their youngest daughter "Becca's Brew" it was a great combination of chocolate and vanilla coffee. I also had a Greek Panini that had grilled chicken lettuce and Greek dressing; it was like a Greek salad all in a sandwich. I would definitely recommend stopping by Tara-Jan's if you are in the area it is a great place to hang out, enjoy coffee and grab a delicious sandwich!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Pahk the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd" and stop by Cream Cafe Right Around the Corner!

As a born and raised Bostonian, I love knowing my way around and that I am only a train ride away from my favorite places. You could say that I "Love that dirty water", but I prefer to drink the coffee from Crema Cafe instead. This adorably, quaint little coffee shop is found just in the heart of Cambridge. This place is great for a casual cup of coffee or a quick stop for lunch. With their delicious homemade soups and specialty coffees, this should no doubt be on the list of places to visit in the near future. The Red Crema, specialty known by Cream Cafe, is a Rooibos latte with honey and cinnamon. I'm not one for overexpanding my variety in flavored coffee, but the Red Crema is a drink that will keep you motivated to study in their warm welcoming lounge and make you feel "wicked smaht". The environment is comfortable, relaxed and warm with the lounge-like setup, making it perfect for reading that new book or studying for that huge test. Light music surrounding the place to keep the vibe calm and at peace, makes it a place to spend the day without a care in the world. With friendly and informative staff members, you are sure to get exactly what you want and I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Stop by Cream Cafe, open 365 days a year, and try any of their homemade favorites! With the warm weather quickly approaching, grab a pastry and specialty coffee and relax on the patio!

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Emily Histen

Monday, April 16, 2012

North Shore Coffee and Tea

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So as it turns out I'm the only person from the North Shore in the class, but that fine. I prefer to be different; however, that is nether here or there. I chose to go to Coffee-Tea and Me: one cup at a time in Melrose, MA. Interestingly enough I found this coffee shop by accident, originally planning to visit another shop. The joint was reasonably priced, they served very nice Central American coffee. The staff were present enough, although the woman behind the register could have been more pleasant. In her defense she was clearly pregnant, so it would have been the hormones, or just her charming self. The owning of the store was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Furthermore, when I asked him questions such as "Is your coffee fair trade?," he did not hesitate to tell me that some of his product was not. I admired his honesty, but his website says that all the coffee they sell is fair trade, so there leaves something to desire. The establishment was booming with customers, it seemed that no matter what time you came to the shop no less than eight of the ten tables were occupied. In addition to coffee and tea, custom cakes, pies and pastries were made fresh daily. In all, I thoroughly enjoyed this coffee shop, I look forward to returning to it.      

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Uncle Jon's Coffee & Cafe

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Uncle Jon's Coffee & Cafe is located in Marion, MA at the Four Corners of Rt 6 and 105. I never knew it was there because it is hidden from the main road. They have a second location in Mattapoisett, but the Marion location is larger and has a better selection. They have an extensive menu, selling coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, smoothies, espressos, teas, hot chocolate and more. They also have a huge selection of bagels, cookies, muffins, danishes, croissants, etc. You can go there for lunch and get premade quiche, wraps, paninis, soups, salads and whatever they happened to make that day. The people who work there are all friendly and didn't mind me asking questions or taking pictures. I went around noon and the place was packed. Everyone seemed to get their coffee and drink it there instead of getting it to go. They sell an assortment of coffee beans by the pound as well as clothing with hippos on it. I would have liked to find out the meaning behind that but the entire time I was there there was a line at least 5 people deep so I didn't want to bother them. I did find out that they buy their coffee from Ocean Coffee Roasters in RI.They have a nice setup with tables and chair and high-tops all in little nooks and alcoves so you can sit and get some work done. The customers for the majority looked middle aged and older. All around, it is a really nice coffee shop and I'll definitely go back.
Render Coffee

563 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02118
(617) 262-4142

Render Coffee is located in the South End of Boston. It is a small coffee shop, but inside of the building the place is thriving with great coffee, delicious food, and friendly people. I happened to be in the area for an interview and stopped by to see what the place was about. I was shocked because for a breakfast and lunch place, it was packed on a Saturday at 4pm. As soon as I walked in the aroma of coffee and food sold me right away. The customer has the option of getting food and coffee to go or to place an order and have it be brought to them at their table. I was the youngest person in the little coffee shop, but the ages ranged from twenty to sixty years old. There was an equal amount of males and females and a variety of races being served. Most people usually were alone reading a book or on their laptops. I would suspect Render Coffee is a great place to relax and get work done. They provide free Wi-Fi and a relaxing atmosphere. The only downside to my experience was they needed more seating. I was lucky to find a seat because the place was packed. The tables were also very close together, but I couldn’t complain because the coffee was great. They get most of their coffee from Counter Culture. This is a company that is certified in Direct Trade. Direct Trade established a direct connection with the farmers and gives the farmers an even better price then fair trade coffee. The coffee was poured over, which means that each coffee is made to order. The coffee is grounded and placed in a one cup brewer. This means that the coffee is not brewed, then sitting for a customer to order it. It is freshly made for each customer. I was shocked at how much the owner knew about coffee. His reason for opening the coffee shop was to only serve the best and most fair priced coffee and food. He even gets his food from local farms and it helps the surrounding community. This gives the customers healthier food options. Once I asked the owner about his coffee, it was hard to understand everything he was saying because he was an expert in the coffee field. He also mentioned that he just opened his shop in October. He was already doing very well. He invited me, as well as the public, to attend their weekly counter culture coffee cupping event every Friday at 10am. I definitely will be visiting more and I highly recommend you to visit too.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Armeno Coffee Roasters

I visited Armeno Coffee Roasters, located at 75 Otis Street in Northborough, MA. Armeno's is open Monday-Saturday and they actually roast different coffees on Monday and Thurday. The roasting facility and coffee shop are located on a historic grist mill on Smith Pond. Inside of the shop they have a very large selection of coffee for sale by the bag, and they have a few different kinds available for sale by the cup. In addition to coffee Armeno's sells tea's and some pastry's and other snacks. They also have wine for sale in their wine cellar. Every other month Armeno's has some kind of event that they put on whether it be a coffee tasting or a wine and cheese tasting they are always something. Everyone inside of the shop is very helpful, and loves talking about coffee. So when you get a chance head to Armeno's for a cup of coffee on their patio overlooking Smith Pond.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coffee Break Cafe

Coffee Break Cafe has three locations all within the city of Quincy. I visited all three cafes and found very few differences between the three. The only real difference is the location in North Quincy is inside of a liquor store while the other locations are only the coffee shop. They all have leather couches for customers to sit on while they enjoy their beverage as well as tables and chairs for those who want to bring their laptops and use the free Wi-fi. At each location I tried various items. My favorite being their Salted Caramel Mocha! Watching them make the drinks is even more spectacular, they always melt the sugar in their iced coffees and mix them "bartender" style as they call it. They buy their beans from four different certified Specialty Coffee roasters, micro-roasted in small batches and shipped to them immediately. All the beans are Fair Trade and Organic. The food is also to die for. Bagels delivered fresh daily, as well as muffins donuts, and multiple gluten free options! The cream cheese is by far the best I have ever had. They make it themselves! Every worker at all the locations was very friendly and helpful and was always smiling. They didn't get annoyed with me asking hundreds of questions and always gave me some sort of answer!

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Above is the location in Wollaston

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The location in Quincy Center

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The North Quincy Location

Monday, April 9, 2012

Espresso Love, Edgartown MA and Boston in the future

I went to Espresso Love in my home town of Edgartown. I have always gone there for breakfast because they have really good on the go breakfast items. I have heard of people saying their coffee is good. The place has a warm and cheery atmosphere with relaxing music playing all the time. When I was in there they were playing a Coldplay soundtrack. When I asked the employees if their coffee was fair trade and where did it come from they didn't know if it was fair trade and that some of it comes from Ethiopia. I read a couple of their blends that they are selling and one did come from Ethiopia. They have a wide selection of beverages including coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, teas, hot chocolate, and cold beverages as well. They are open daily from 6:30am to 6:00pm and serve breakfast and lunch items. They have soups, salads, sandwiches, and they usually have a fresh baked casserole or pasta dish everyday. They use mostly organic ingredients for their food, which is normal on the island. They have awesome bagels and breakfast sandwiches, that's what I go there for. I usually get a chai tea as well, those are pretty good but expensive! Everything on MV is more expensive than off-island so the prices are a little high for a cup of coffee or a sandwich. Espresso Love's baked goods are all freshly made daily and are very, VERY yummy. Growing up, I used to go every sunday and my dad would get coffee and I would get a chocolate hazelnut scone which they only made on sundays and they sold fast! I am not a coffee drinker myself, but I asked a couple of people and they said they were satisfied with their coffee, wasn't the best but wasn't the worst. Espresso Love also sells cookbooks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, travel cups and their own roasts. It was opened in Edgartown in 1992 by a single mother of five, she wanted to do something with her baking skills!

17 Church Street  Edgartown, MA 02539

The Little Coffee Bean, Whitinsville, MA

The Little Coffee Bean was established in 2000 and is located on 1 Plummers Corner Whitinsville, MA. The hours of operation vary from 5am to 1pm on Monday and Wednesday, 5am to 2pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 6am to 2pm on Saturday, and 6am to 1pm on Sunday. It is surrounded by a bunch of businesses and stores, including two Dunkin Donuts, and a Jumbo Donuts. They serve New England Coffee and have over 17 different ice coffee flavors. Most of the customers buy the ice coffee so they have more flavors of ice coffee than regular hot coffee. They also have bagels, sandwiches, muffins, and pastries. They do not re-stock the food more than once a day, so once they run out they do not have anymore for that day. They usually get low on food around 11 so you better wake up early to enjoy your food of choice. The employees there are not very friendly and are more interested in talking to each other than satisfying the customer. Everything else about the place was wonderful, they have tables and chairs if you want to eat there and a drive-thru if you don't want to get out of your car.

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Me & Ollies Bakery and Cafe


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Me& Ollies is located in downtown Exeter on Water Street, near the Exeter town hall. This location is in the middle of everything in this small historic town. This small family run shop is best known for their great homemade breads and pastries; however they are also known for their wide range of coffee selection. Their breads are so good that they won best bread in New Hampshire. The shop offers both inside and outside seating, weather permitting. The inside is filled with a mixture of comfortable chairs and wooden tables creating a comfortable and cozy setting. The coffee is good and strong for those who like a good eye opener. It isn't the best I have ever had but it is absolutely a place I would go back too because of the atmosphere.
            The clientele who frequently visit Me & Ollies range from students who attend the local private school to business men and women on their lunch break or having a lunch meeting. When I visited in the afternoon there were groups of students coming for lunch, four or five men having a meeting over hot Panini and coffee, and a group of mothers with their children. However when I went in the morning there was a different group of people. There were more people coming and going instead of sitting and staying a while. Even with this there were few free chairs available at eight, one hour after they open. One of coolest thing that I learned about Me & Ollies was that all the produce used was grown locally.
            The customer service was impeccable. The men and women behind the counter were more than willing to answer all of my questions about what was in all their different coffee combinations. The employees were very down to earth and knowledgeable, for the most part, about what Me & Ollies provided in terms of coffee and baked goods. The service was also quick; you weren't waiting for twenty minutes for your coffee that was then cold by the time you finally got it.


Coffee Connection, Cumberland RI

Coffee Connection is conveniently located on Mendon Road next to Eggs Up and Cumberland House of Pizza.  They are within walking distance of Cumberland High School, and driving distance of many other high schools, and local businesses.  Their menu is huge, but just ask any staff member, and they'd be glad to help you out. They are open 365 days a year!!

Come see why they won Best Coffee Shop in Rhode Island four years in a row!