Monday, April 25, 2016

My experience at Somethin's Brewin Bookstore and Cafe

Somethin’s Brewin Bookstore and Café
(508) 946-5055


Address: 241 Main St, Lakeville Massachusetts
I grew up in franklin Massachusetts and all we really had around that area was just the same old chain coffee shops like “Dunkin Donuts” and “Honey Dew”. Upon driving up to this small coffee shop on peaceful back roads I was excited to see what a true coffee shop looks like and what it really entails. Once you arrive you are immediately in captured by the vastness the building itself presents for someone visiting for the first time such as myself.

 My friends Abby, Sam, Shannon accompanied me on this lovely 16 minute trip from campus. I figured it would be best to go with them because they are avid coffee drinkers and I am not so much. We went at about 12pm on a warm Monday, which was not a very busy time.  We were glad regardless, because then we could actually see the effort that was put into this lovely coffee shop.

As I entered I experience a feeling of being welcomed with open arms because of the way the workers greeted me. Upon explaining why I was there, and what I was doing, they could not have been more willing to provide me with the information I needed. When talking with the owner she said that the mornings are usually the busiest time. I also discovered that they have been in business for eight years and are doing well. They get their coffee from Speedwell Brewery in Plymouth, which produces a vast majority of different, good quality coffee. When you enter this shop and you look to the left you see books and people casually sitting invested in conversation as well as joking and laughing. The welcoming feeling is only more embraced when you realize the community books they have available to enjoy while you sip a cup of coffee, as well as a variety of comfortable seating arrangements. 

With all these factors in consideration I would say that Somethin’s Brewin Bookstore and Café, I would call this lace a very peaceful and welcoming coffee shop to attend. The workers are very pleasant and the furniture and atmosphere are very welcoming as soon as, and even before you walk through the front doors. They also include patio furniture as an option to sit outside in the nice weather and enjoy some sips. Before leaving I ordered a specialty coffee called a mocha iced coffee. The quality of this coffee did not match the cost; I would have paid more for it. Once I thanked them for their help I exited with my friends and sat outside on the patio furniture with them in the nice warm weather and we just all talked and drank good coffee. As strange as it is to say I have never really experienced an event such as this in my life before. I never usually went out of my way for coffee like that (Though it was well worth the drive). Now I feel changed and I feel as though I have a new aspiration for coffee. All in all I would rate this coffee shop a 9 out of 10.

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