Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Porter Cafe

If your looking for a good cup of Joe, this is not the spot. Great service and a beautiful atmosphere, but quality of coffee is not there. The Porter Cafe has magnificent baked goods. Homemade and always delicious. I have to say, their bakery goes well with a morning cup of coffee. You will find this small cafe, right on RT 18 in Whitman, a perfect spot to start your day, or end your day with a couple of friends, sharing stories, and a hot or ice cup of coffee. They do not have the organic Peruvian or Kenya coffee, but what they do have is a cozy atmosphere, good company, and with their amazing bake goods, you could over look the quality of coffee and unwind.

The Porter Cafe also has a catering service, and a full menu inside. From chicken wings to eggs and everything in between, the Porter has it. What people go there for is not their meal choices, but rather there incredible, and very tasting pastries. I encourage anyone who might find themselves on RT 18 in Whitman, to stop in and enjoy the warm atmosphere, great service and friends that are waiting to meet you, and enjoy some of their homemade pastries with a cup of coffee.  

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Better Bean Coffee Company Bridgewater MA

When walking through the heart of downtown Bridgewater, there is a small, hard to spot coffee shop, The Better Bean Coffee Company. The shop started off many years ago, known as the "Daily Grind", prior to 2005. In 2005 the shop was purchased by a new owner, and revamped into The Better Bean Coffee Company.
Upon walking into the shop with my friend, we soon realized we were the only two people in the entire shop. The entrance is decorated with a display window full of traditional coffee bags, labelled from Costa Rica. As we were the only two customers in the entire shop, the demographics of all guests were 20 year old, white males from Bridgewater. The concept of the shop however, seemed to be mainly designed for carry out orders, judging by the very small amount of tables located inside. However, the shop window does advertise free wi-fi (Though I did not have a computer to see if it was actually working).
There was signage for coffee from Costa Rica, but it was displayed through bags on the wall, not actual advertisements. There was also an extensive list of assorted coffee beverages to choose from.
The pamphlet menu also contained a large catering and lunch menu, but while I was in the store there were hardly any pastries in the display shelf, and the cafe looked about as fit to prepare a dinner for several people as my bedroom does. All in all, my experience at the Better Bean was extremely pleasant, the service was very fast and helpful. The prices are a little expensive, but for the quality of the Latte I recieved it was better than Starbucks quality. The Better Bean is located at 23 Central Square Bridgewater, MA, and comes highly recommended from myself.
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Diesel Cafe, Somerville,MA

Wandering along the streets of Somerville with my friend, we stumbled upon this small garage looking building called Diesel Café.  Established in 1999, it offers a wide variety of coffee as well as sandwich and pastry selections. The Building had lots of seating both towards the front of the shop as well as towards the back. They have a garage that they usually open during nice weather. It has some features that make it slightly stand out from other coffee shops in the area, including a few pool tables and an old black and white photography booth. The wall décor is also unusual, with caged tunnel lights on the walls and the menu on chalk boards. Serving coffee from Intelligentsia Coffee and Stumptown Coffee, if you get it to have there they do serve some coffee in coffee mugs but also in tall beer glasses. They also sell coffee bags, some from counter culture coffee and all the coffee this shop uses is direct trade.some countries include but arent limited to Panama, Honduras,and Brazil. The environment including staff is very welcoming. most of the cliental was  students working on laptops and business people from age thirty to ninety. The cliental as well as the staff seemed very ethnically diverse. The only downside to this café is you have to pay for Wi-Fi.  I would absolutely recommend this place over the Starbucks (across the street) or the Dunkin Donuts (a block away).  Diesel Café is located at 257 Elm St Somerville, MA and their phone number is 617-629-8717.