Saturday, April 23, 2016

Baxter's Coffee - Somerset, KY

Over two years ago, I flew to Somerset, KY to visit my boyfriend, Michael and his family. In the months previous to my arrival, Michael and I had devised plans for our week together. Although we didn't make a definitive plan, Michael informed me that we must visit the local coffee shop, Baxter’s Coffee. As a lover of coffee, I happily obliged.  

One morning after I arrived in Somerset, Michael drove me down a couple side roads to visit Baxter’s. Upon arrival, I was surprised to discover that Baxter's was a small home that had been converted into a coffee shop. The small parking lot in front of the building was packed with cars and many customers found parking along the street (us included). After finding an open parking spot, we walked into the small coffee shop and were greeted with the scent of coffee and freshly baked goods. 

The main part of the building was packed with people chatting, while they waited for their morning beverages and breakfast. Along all of the counter and walls, there were various blends of specialty coffee and a large assortment of merchandise from other local stores and artisans. The coffee shop's warm colors and unique set-up gave the building an inviting feel. After a short wait in line, Michael and I ordered our coffees and breakfast. The staff was more than pleasant (although they were quite surprised by my Boston accent).  

When our order was complete, we walked through the various rooms of the coffee shop to find a seat. We finally found a little wooden table that was unoccupied in the corner of the shop. As we set down our books and coffee, we were able to watch the customers stream in and out of the building; there were moms with infants, elderly couples, teenagers, and local doctors. After a few minutes of people watching, the coffee was cool enough for me for try. To my delight, the coffee was great! It was freshly roasted, naturally sweet, and smooth; there was no need to add cream or sugar. The specialty "Baxter's Blitz" was also a great frozen drink topped with homemade whipped cream. After Michael and I finished our coffees, we enjoyed a delicious blueberry muffin.  

We spent most of our day there studying, but other customers were reading books, gossiping with friends, or enjoying a coffee date. The cozy atmosphere, friendly-service, and good coffee have made this family-owned coffee shop a great success. If you are ever in the area and love a good cup of coffee, I would recommend stopping in to Baxter’s Coffee. The coffee shop is open Monday-Saturday 7 am-7 pm and closed all day Sunday. 

For more information about Baxter's Coffee and their other locations check out their website: 

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