Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Country Kitchen- Walpole, MA

          Lying mere minutes from the center of Walpole, and mere seconds from the Dunkin Donuts next door, Country Kitchen in Walpole offers a down to earth, home-sweet-home feeling one can usually only find in the deep south. Despite specializing in America's deep-fried and frosted fascination, Country Kitchen also offers coffee from regional roaster New England Coffee. While this java isn't the organic, fair trade, shadegrown coffee we all wish it could be, it's not a bad option when it comes to locally roasted coffees. The staff is friendly and pour their hearts into their donuts, of which they have a reasonable variety, and bagels, of which the selection is a little more limited but still liberating.                                                          
Manager Cheryl showcases CK's famous half off dozen, available at certain times later in the day.

          Country Kitchen's atmosphere is very much a product of the community it lives in. At any given point in the day, one can expect to see locals, townies, and regulars sitting at the counter, talking about the goings-on of Walpole. It seems to me that the diehard locals here are some of the only people aware of this hidden gem in the heart of Walpole.

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