Thursday, April 28, 2016

Empire Tea and Coffee

22 Broadway, Newport, RI 02480

Empire Tea and Coffee is one of the busiest coffee shops in Newport despite being eight minutes from a Starbucks, five minutes from a Dunkin Donuts, and on a street with an abundance of coffee shops. What has made this shop stand out for over twelve years?
 Empire only uses single estate coffees for all of their coffees. They roast their coffee daily, to a perfect medium roast, and brew the coffee that same day. Empire also sells the roasted coffee beans for you to brew at home. Some of their coffee varieties are Naga, Matagalpa, Mogiana Eagle, Cosecha, and River Lane.

As if the coffee was not enough to bring people in, they also carry over 50 types of specialty loose leaf tea. Empire also prides itself as being part of the community. They try to use local ingredients from local shops, like cakes from local bakeries or local honey in one of their most popular drinks the Aquidneck honey latte. The cafe also provides coffee for other businesses, like Megs Milk Bar and a couple of local pubs. Empire also collaborates with the local surf shop Water brothers, to put on Surf Fest every year. Every other week the shop donates coffee to help attract people to Clean Ocean Access events, a program that helps     clean the local beaches.

Inside the shop is a laid back environment, where the baristas do a great job of creating a friendly atmosphere. It is a great place to hang out with friends, catch up on that book you have been meaning to read, or get some homework done. Some of the regulars will even spend all day in the shop working from their computer.

All in all, the shop is definitely worth a visit. It does not matter if you are a coffee or tea person, or a pastry or panini person, there is something for everyone at Empire Tea and Coffee. The Broadway location is open everyday six am to nine pm, giving you plenty of time to stop in. Enjoy!

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