Monday, April 18, 2016

Coffee Exchange | Providence, RI

Coffee Exchange

Coffee Exchange, a coffee shop located just outside of
downtown Providence, has a welcoming and warm curb appeal.
The shop immediately draws your attention, with its charm and
unique coffee menu. Coffee Exchange has been in operation for
over 30 years, and continues to expand and thrive in the greater
Providence area. This shop appeals to different coffee lover's
preferences. At the counter, you face an array of coffee offerings,
ranging from a simple cup of Brazilian coffee, to an exceptional
flavored latte.

Coffee Exchange is dedicated to serving organic coffee, while practicing
fair-trade when purchasing their coffees. You can find coffee originating from various nations in Africa, Central, and Latin America. Coffee Exchange retails their coffee, so you too can be a part of fair trade coffee. The shop showcases their coffees in a container that allows you to view each coffee and has a short write-up of each coffee's story. Here, you are able to purchase any one of their coffees.

As I sit and enjoy my cup of Nicaraguan coffee, I observe a wide range of people sitting, chatting, and doing work, while sipping on their favorite Coffee Exchange beverage. These people range in age from mid-30's and older. Groups and single individuals all occupy the seats in the shop. Some are here to catch up with friends, while others are here to finish work. I visited Coffee Exchange on a Tuesday at 5:00 PM, and the volume of customers was high. Nearly every seat was taken. On top of eat-in customers, there were several take-out customers as well. Despite the Dunkin Donuts close-by, this independent shop is able to maintain their customers and provide a unique coffee experience, one coffee chain corporations cannot provide. Coffee Exchange further promotes organic and fair-trade by offering a variety of literature that you can read and learn about fair-trade, organic coffee, and other elements of coffee production, such as the Roya disease. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Coffee Exchange; the helpful staff, wide variety of coffee options, and their contributions to fair-trade all make this shop unique and well worth the trip. I plan to re-visit Coffee Exchange the next time I am in Providence.                                                                                                                                                                                                     -William Wright 
207 Wickenden Street, Providence, RI 
(401) 273 1198

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