Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Thinking Cup

By: Robert Martucci

The Thinking Cup is one of three conveniently placed coffee shops offering a very unique blend of coffee. The shop I went to was at 165 Tremont St, just on the outskirts of the Boston Common.

 "Stumptown Coffee"is an exclusive blend of coffee from a company originating in Portland, Oregon.  I had the luxury of tasting this delectable blend, and I can now see why it is such an exclusive brand of coffee.  This was the kind of coffee you could catch yourself having two or three cups a day.  It had a very smooth body, rich flavor, and the slight hint of bitter roast we all enjoy from a cup of coffee.  

As if the coffee wasn't enough to keep a patron there all day, the environment sure was.  There was a luxurious wall of thickly padded leather couches, soft lighting through out the room, antique hard wood floors, and counters with old news papers laminated inside all add to the very comfortable feel of this restaurant.

Unfortunately when we went, all the couches were full, but the counter we got to sit at was not half bad in its own.  Just on the other side of the bench was a floor to ceiling window looking out onto the Boston Commons, a wonderful place to sit and watch the seasons, pedestrians, dogs, and time pass by.

The coffee at the shop held up to the classy standard of this barista.  Coffee is served in a mug, to sit and enjoy, or the option to take it on the run is also available.  A friend of mine got a Hazelnut Latte per the recommendation of the head barista on shift, who had a great knowledge of the menu and could pair foods and beverages well with the interests of customers.

The overall atmosphere of this coffee shop was one that you could get caught up in for hours on end, study, doing homework, business meetings, or just putting the brakes on and enjoying the world around you.  What ever your mission is, The Thinking Cup offers the environment to achieve great things.

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