Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Supreme Coffee & Donuts -- Seekonk

Supreme Coffee and Donuts is located in Seekonk, MA on 1735 Fall River Ave. (Route 6).  There are also 3 other locations, 2 are in Brockton, and 1 is in New Bedford, MA.  There is also a drive-thru available for those who are on the go just heading to work for their morning cup of coffee.

Inside of the shop, there is a retro kind of feel.  Everything behind the counter takes you back in time as you step in to order your coffee.  There is a KENO station as well as a spot to buy some scratch tickets if you're feeling lucky that day to go in and get your coffee.  After you get your coffee there is a small sitting areas just consisting of a few tables to enjoy your pastries or your coffee.
Supreme has their loyal customers as well as new ones that venture in to try everything out.  There weren't many flavors of different coffees at the one that I went to, but at others there are a variety of flavors to choose from.  You can get your coffees hot or iced, whatever you prefer.  They serve more than just coffee as well.  There are sandwiches, pastries, lattes, etc.
Customers range form young to old, all ages go to this shop according to the woman working behind the counter on my visit.  She told me that they open at 6 AM and have a rush from around 6-9 AM and then another rush just after noon.

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  1. That tile belongs in a 20 year old bathroom. lol