Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bagels & Cream

The coffee shop I decided to visit was called Bagels & Cream, it is located in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Located on Route 1 in a plaza right down the street from the high school and a street up from Downtown North Attleboro. There are three Dunkin' Donuts near Bagels & Cream which are all about a mile away.

I went to the coffee shop around 11am on the Monday of Patriot's Day, which was also school vacation week. The shop was very busy when I went the line was about five people long and at sometimes reached the door. There were a lot of customers sitting down and enjoying their coffees and bagels, but there were also many customers who were taking their coffees to-go as well. Customers were of all ages, male and female, there were a lot of high school students sitting down and eating, but there was also families, and people sitting alone on their laptops.

They have many types of flavored coffee which they advertise that are brewed into the coffee with no added syrups. The most popular is their flavored iced coffee is probably the french toast coffee or the snickerdoodle coffee. They also known for their varieties of bagels that they make everyday. Bagels & Cream also carries fresh fruit and lunch sandwiches. They are open everyday from 6am to 3pm and only accept credit or debit card for purchases of $10 or more. It has a very light and friendly atmosphere that makes you want to go there every morning.

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