Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trio Cafe

Located in Whitman, MA (a small town famous for being home to the invention of the chocolate chip cookie (also for being the birthplace of the legendary drummer, Steve Smith, known best for his time with Journey)) is a tiny sandwich haven called Trio Cafe.

While Trio hasn't done anything quite as amazing as inventing a type of cookie, they are masters with sandwiches and pastries. Unfortunately, coffee is not their main focus.They serve Lavazza coffee, which isn't bad but it's not great either.

The coffee tastes overwhelmingly bitter. The Coffee Maven himself believes the cause of this may a result of brewing espresso beans in a regular coffee maker.This would lead to an over-extracted taste that I believe I tasted. I could be wrong, but the bag pictured above is the only bag of coffee I saw while inside Trio.

It's tough to see because it's upside down but the text on the bag says "espresso". Despite this, Trio is still worth a trip because the food is astonishingly good.


I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on a croissant with a slice of tomato in it. It was delicious. 

It's very small inside, but it's very clean too.They have about five tables and about 12 seats total so it's more of a take-out place and a catering business than it is a sit-down spot. 

Bottom line: They have amazing foods. Their vegetarian pizzas have won awards. Yes, you read that right, they make pizza too. Try the Spinach Leaf Pizza with tomato and feta cheese toppings. Avoid the coffee, but try the espresso! 

Thanks for reading!

- Matt Goodwin

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