Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kishadee Coffee

Michael Wilkins

         The coffee shop I decided to visit is called Kishadee coffee, located on 18 main street plymouth Mass. Kishadee has a great atmosphere and makes delicious coffee. Kishadee is a great place to get a coffee and see the beautiful scenery of Plymouth.    

Below is a map of near by coffee shops. As I got closer and closer to Plymouth i saw less commercial coffee shops and more privately owned coffee shops.
When I walked into the shop I was immediately struck by the artwork and rustic laid back feel of the shop. Many different people were in the shop young and old filled the store.

 The menu that various hot and cold coffee drinks. The coffee that is at the highest demand at Kishadee is their house blend. The Coffee I ordered was a small ice coffee. What was interesting about this coffee was that the barista put the coffee is a martini mixer to make it frothy. The coffee itself had a strong bite, fair acidity and a delicious caramel flavor. I highly recommend Kishadee coffee, the coffee is prepared in a very unorthodox manner and is very good. Kishadee is great spot to grab a coffee and enjoy the ocean view of downtown Plymouth          

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