Monday, May 5, 2014

Elizabeth's Bagels

Elizabeth's Bagels


465 West Central Street
  Franklin, MA 02038

    Monday-Friday: 6am-2pm
Saturday: 7am-2pm
    Sunday: 7am-1pm
     "...or until bagels run out"


My name is Jillian DiLeo and for my coffee shop visit I went to Elizabeth's Bagels.

Elizabeth's Bagels is a small, locally owned coffee and bagel shop located in my hometown, Franklin, MA. It is located on the route 140 strip, more specifically, 465 West Central Street. It has been in Franklin since 1995 and has done very well for itself.

The atmosphere is light and friendly. They have won awards for their friendly and helpful service. People of all ages come here, not only to eat and grab a coffee, but there are multiple tables set up for those who want to hangout, do work, or sit and enjoy their meals. A perk of sitting down is that you are given free refills while you are there. 

      My visit took place on a Saturday at 11:00am. The shop was extremely busy at this time. People were coming in with their families to buy bagels and coffee to bring to sporting event, home, and just on the go. There were a few older couples there enjoying their coffee and bagels together. For the most part, the most popular customers are high school students.
Elizabeth's is located about two minutes from Franklin High School, making it the perfect spot to stop at before school, which many students did while I attended and still do today.

Elizabeth's has been voted best bagel from 1998 to current day. Their bagels are made from scratch, kettle boiled the old fashioned way and have no added preservatives. They have an abundance of flavors and cream cheeses. Their coffee is arabica and is served both hot and iced. The most popular of the kinds is their rainforest coffee, which my brothers girlfriend tried and said it wasn't her favorite, but she definitely recommends it to coffee lovers. They promote their seasonal coffees along with their seasonal cream cheeses. 

   I recommend Elizabeth's Bagels to any and all ages. You get great service and their bagels and coffee are delicious and will not disappoint. If you go and enjoy the food, they also do catering; mainly breakfast platters and an assortment of sandwich and lunch platters as well. 

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