Friday, May 2, 2014

The Coffee Perch

The Coffee Perch

By: Julie Schoener


Monday-Friday: 7 am- 5 pm Saturday & Sunday: 8 am- 3 pm

The Coffee Perch is located at 1006 Main Street, Walpole, MA
In the heart of Walpole Center!

The coffee Perch has outdoor seating 

The Coffeehouse offers hot coffee, ice coffee, tea, bagels, muffins and coffee cakes. I personally love the camel swirl ice coffee! 

The coffeehouse is clean, welcoming and has a friendly staff. The coffee is micro roasted in small batches but it is not 100% organic. 

After paying for the coffee, you can go over to a counter to add you own sugar and cream.

The coffeehouse also sells other drinks such as juice and soda.

I went to visit the coffeehouse on a Monday afternoon. The shop has free wireless internet. There were two collage students working on their laptops and an older gentleman reading the newspaper with a coffee. There were constantly people walking in to order a coffee to go.  

Overall, I really enjoyed visiting The Coffee Perch. It is a great place to rest, read a book, catch up on work, meet up with a friend, all while enjoying terrific coffee. I would definitely recommend others to visit!

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