Monday, May 5, 2014

The Coffee Exchange

The Coffee Exchange on Wickenden Street in Providence.  This extremely popular coffee shop in the middle of downtown Providence is definitely known for their good coffee.  The Fishbein Family who fought through The Great Depression and World War 2 started this infamous social setting.  They also started Coffee Kids, to help coffee farmers create alternative to coffee as their sole source of income.  Later they also created The Coffee Trust to deepen their commitment to coffee farmers.

They have recently celebrated 30 years of service.  They proudly serve freshly roasted Arabica coffee.  They buy all green coffee and freshly roast it everyday.  All of their green coffee purchases support environment sustainability by promoting organic agricultural practices as well as honest wages and Fair trade.  95% of their green coffee is sourced through cooperative coffee, 25 community-based roasters throughout the US and Canada.  Recently, they have joined Grow Ahead where there customers can pre-finance coffee farmers crops with “no interest” “no risk” loans.
They have specials every day in which they roast and serve fresh coffee.  They do an American Roast, Fully City Roast, Vienne Roast, French Roast, and Espresso Roast.  All of their coffee is organic certified fair trade, or in the transition of becoming either.  They have all different kinds of fresh organic coffee comes from coffee farms from Latin American and Caribbean, African, Pacific countries.

This coffee shop was very welcoming and enjoyable.  All of the workers were friendly and helpful with deciding on what to get.  There were a bunch of people sitting around doing work and enjoying their free time.  The walls were covered with advertisements, posters, and art.  I met a few of my friends there and we had a good time exploring all the different options.  I would highly advice visiting this place and enjoying their organic and fair trade coffee.

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