Monday, May 5, 2014

Lou Roc's Diner

My name is Melanie Esteves & I decided to visit Lou Roc's Diner. 

Address: 1074 W Boylston St, Worcester, MA 01606
Phone:(508) 852-6888

 Monday-Friday 6:00am-2:30pm 
Saturday 6:00am-2:00pm
Sunday 7:00am-1:00pm

Lou Roc's is known for their breakfast, not so much for their coffee. They do serve coffee, however it is not the main focus of the diner. They serve Columbian coffee, but since it is not the main focus there was not to much discussion about the coffee. My mom and I went for breakfast and she did get a coffee. She said that the coffee was hot & not bitter, it had a good taste. Most of the people who were there were drinking coffee. We went around 11:00 am and we got breakfast and like I said before my mom got coffee. The environment of Lou Roc's is so friendly and very inviting. Many, many people go there to sit down, get some breakfast, and hang out with family or friends. All of the customers are always friendly to one another and the staff is just wonderful. The staff always knows who the regulars are and usually have there normal meal/coffee as soon as they walk in. It is a small place and it is very busy. But, you never wait longer then half an hour, but waiting is definitely worth it. 

The menu has a really great variety of foods for breakfast and lunch. The coffee does not have its own place on the menu, it is just with the other beverages. When you go to Lou Roc's no one is usually eating the same thing because of the variety. They do serve lunch, but people usually go there for breakfast, and breakfast is served until about noonish. They are always packed from around open till 12:30 and it is basically the same flow of people Monday through Friday. Lou Roc's has been awarded many awards about being the best place to get breakfast since 2011! There also has been newspaper and magazine articles written about Lou Roc's. 

Lou Roc's is located right in between West Boylston and Worcester. West Boylston is a very small town and Worcester is a very large city. It is closer to West Boylston, so you see more people come from there. Since it is right on the edge of not the busiest part of Worcester, it does not attract many people from Worcester. There is a Honey Dew about a mile up the street, but it is very small and doesn't get much business. 

I had a really great time at Lou Roc's and it is a place everyone should check out. A great place with really good people and a great staff. 

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