Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Ultimate PERK (North Andover, MA)

Store Front, Photo Credit to Toni H.

If your ever traveling near North Andover make sure to stop by the Ultimate PERK located on 96 Main Street. There isn't much parking available however there is a large public lot right across the street where you pay usually only a quarter. 

When you walk into the shop it is very small and only offers 3-4 small tables to sit at but when it is nice out, the coffee shop puts out 5 more tables along the sidewalk to accommodate for more customers. When I walked in at around 12:00 pm on Friday, there were customers of all ages sitting down with their coffee and catching up on life. From retired men to college girls on spring break, everyone was sitting down to hangout and almost everyone that came in after me knew each other. For going at what the shop considered to be their "slow time" the place still seemed to be very busy.

The entire time I was at the shop business men and women came in and only ordered a coffee to go. This place is all about the coffee. They do have a selection of muffins and donuts however they are purchased from other stores such as the Ginger Bread Company which are exceptional.The Ultimate PERK also has a few breakfast sandwiches and a lunch menu during the week but the main focus here is on the coffee. I ordered a small hot coffee black and at the first sip, I understood why everyone raved about this place. Even with a Dunkin Donuts directly across the street there is no competition. The Ultimate Perk definitely has the better cup and for a cheaper price too!

Donuts and Muffins Provided

The menus located on the top of the wall gave the overall prices of everything including their food. The bottom menu attached to the counter though showed customers all of the different flavors available, along with extra signage promoting their lattes. The unique thing about their flavored coffee is that it is not full of sugar and artificial tastes. Here the coffee is brewed with the flavor shots allowing for a subtle and more enjoyable taste. This shop also offers soy milk with their coffee which made many people, including the gentleman sitting next to me, very happy. I tried asking my barista more about the coffee and where it came from but she had just started working there that month and was not informed about the history and production of the coffee shop. She was very friendly though and patiently waited for me to read the entire menu before deciding on my coffee.

Flavors available


Separate Coffee Pots for Each Flavor
Overall the Ultimate PERK is a great place to spend your free time. The atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming and the natural sunlight from all of the windows makes it more relaxing. This is definitely not your average coffee shop. Along with being served a great cup from friendly people, you can spend quality time with friends and family. This is a coffee shop that welcomes you to sit down and spend hours with others in a great atmosphere. Almost everyone knows each other making it a great place to be.

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Brittany Angiolillo 

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  1. Hi,
    Actually we are located in Andover :) I am glad your experience was positive! We strive hard to take care of our customers and focus on serving good quality coffee. We have a custom roaster in NH that roasts our beans (espresso and blends for our New Orleans and Kyoto brews) and we use New England Coffee for the other coffees. We are the only coffee shop that offers Almond Milk as well.
    Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate customers that support mom and pops!!
    Toni Hadad, owner