Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sandy's Coffee Corner

12 Monponsett Street Hanson, MA

I had a chance to visit this coffee shop a few times around 9 a.m. on different days.  It is located at the intersection of routes 27 and 53 which are two main roads that see a lot of traffic throughout the whole day.  The biggest competition Sandy's Coffee Corner has is a Dunkin' Donuts located right across the intersection.  During one of my visits I was able to talk with the owner and she porvided me with some good information about the shop.  It is more of an early morning place where a regular crowd of older customers come in to talk and socialize, the busiest hours are between six and nine in the morning.  Every time I was in the shop there was always people sitting around a U shaped countertop talking with each other, it seemed everyone new one another.  Whenever someone else walked in the people in the shop said hi greeted that person like it was their normal routine.  The owner told me that she had been in business at that location for 14 years and that she buys all of her coffee from Bostons Best in Easton.  This shop has about ten different flavors for ice coffee as well as some pastries, muffins and other treats to eat.  I ordered a breakfast sandwich and a small hot coffee the first time I was there and thought they were both good.  It was nothing spectacular but I will definitely go again.  The atmosphere was kind of a simple place where customers could sit around and talk.  There is not any books around or a quite place you could do any reading or homework, most people went there to see a familiar face, talk and get their morning coffee.  Overall this is a nice simple shop that caters more to an older crowd of customers.  The food and coffee were both good and sold at fair prices.

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By: Sean Doherty

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