Monday, May 6, 2013

Sugar Bowl Cafe

Last month I was around Dorchester area and while I was there I found a coffee shop. The coffee shop I visited was Sugar Bowl Café. It is located in a diverse neighborhood on Dorchester Ave. When I stepped into the shop, one of the first things that I noticed was the antique feeling to it. There was a quiet section for people to read. The area was decorated with old furniture but it looked cozy. The reason behind the antique feeling is because before it was a coffee shop, it was an antique shop. The owner of the coffee shop bought the furniture from the old antique shop. When I went to the shop, it was busy. I saw a mixture of people but most of them were older. There was a combination of people coming in, sitting in the quiet and talkative area. The shop offers free Wi-Fi which attracts students and professionals into the shop so they can do work while they drink or eat something. The menu is filled with different type of coffee, from cold to hot. I got to try a caramel coffee. I thought it was good. They also have a large menu of ice cream of 50 flavors or more. I would recommend to stop by if you’re in the Dorchester area and you are craving for coffee or ice cream.

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