Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sweets and Java

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View Larger Map/> For my coffee shop project, I decided to check out Sweets and Java on 1207 Main Street in Holden, MA. Holden is the town right next to mine, I wanted to visit a coffee shop in my home town of Rutland until I realized that we don't have any since my town is so small! Sweets and Java prides itself on being an 'urban coffee shop'. It is a really cool concept because they beautifully managed to achieve their goal of bringing an urban vibe to such a rural area. This coffee shop is very reasonably priced too, which is great for customers who are on a budget.

 They have a wide variety of coffees to choose from, many of them are imported from other countries. Sweets and Java does sell whole bean bags of coffee, but they prefer that the buyer let them grind it to ensure the perfect texture every time. While they appreciate the natural wholesome flavors of a nice cup of black coffee, the delicious flavor additives are their specialty. From mocha vanilla lattes to caramel espresso, Sweets and Java has got it on their menu. Check out their menu right here!

 Sweets and Java is a pretty small coffee shop that many students like to go to before and after school. It is the perfect place to study, do group work, or meet with teachers. There are two tables for out door seating and about four tables inside the café.

 They will add sweetness to your coffee if you ask them to, or you can simply add whatever suites your needs at their cream and sugar bar! Speaking of 'sweetness', Sweets and Java wouldn't live up to it's name if it didn't have a whole showcase of home made pastries and gelato for sale, thankfully it does! A sweet treat makes the perfect pairing to go with delicious robust coffee. I would definitely recommend this incredible coffee shop! If you're ever in the neighborhood, stop on in  :)

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