Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rainy Day at Mocha Java

I visited Mocha Java, a coffee shop that has been in business since 1995. This coffee shop is located at 3 Eastern Ave in Dedham, mass. I have never been here before but it was recommended from friends who had lived in the area. The atmosphere is very relaxed, clean, comfortable and warm.
Today is a rainy Friday afternoon around 12pm and there is steady business with a few customers lounging. The baristas are very friendly, talking to customers along with customers sitting and doing work, talking with friends and relaxing. The type of customers seem to be mid thirties to fifties, men and women equally. This might have to do with the time of day though, as a high school is right near by but kids are in class now so it might be busier once they get out for the day. As a few customers are seated, most others are just getting their drinks to go, which seems they might be on a lunch break.
The shop has a pretty good variety of coffees, including signature lattes. These include caramel, butternut crunch, love potion, junior minty mocha and other unique flavors.
The barista was very friendly and mentioned that this Dedham centers’ original “coffee shop” and that recently they were able to put outdoor seating out front. The shop really seems to pride itself on connecting and being apart of the community as well as bringing everyone together through their business. The barista said that he had been working here for only about a year but the business has been around for almost 15 years. He mentioned that the mornings can be busy but people tend to mostly order the plain coffee drinks, and then later in the afternoon more lattes and cappuccinos are sold. 

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  1. Whether it's Mocha Java or Barista, I really not care until they are there to serve a good hot cup of coffee for the coffee lovers. Thank you for the information. I enjoyed a lot reading your article.

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