Thursday, May 9, 2013

Better bean coffee

Better Bean Coffee

The better bean coffee is located at 23 Central sq. in Bridgewater, ma 023024. There are about 3-4 other small coffee shops located in close proximity but its biggest competitors are Marylou’s coffee which is located a quarter mile away on Spring St. and Dunkin Donuts which is also located a quarter mile away on Broad St. Image of better bean in respects to the closest dunkin donuts

Better bean coffee is a small coffee diner. I visited the shop around 7pm and stayed for an hour. The workers there were friendly and greeted me upon entrance. There wasn’t much traffic going in and out the café I believe it was because of the time of day I chose to visit. There was nice jazz music playing while I sat and drank my coffee which created a relaxing atmosphere.

The menus were very diverse. They did have lots of flavors to choose from. I got the banana nut flavored coffee, which was good. Other drinks on their menu were latté’s, ice coffee, smoothies, and frozen drinks. They also have pastries and lunch menus as well. They have day specials and because of their food service their peak hours are at noon. There is a setup area with about 6-7 small tables for two, this way you may enjoy either your coffee or your meal inside the café.

Overall better bean coffee is a nice small coffee café where if you want a place to be relaxed and have a quiet conversation with someone you should definitely stop by.

-Emanuel Lopes

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