Monday, May 6, 2013

Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery

Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery
Akumal, Mexico
 For my coffee shop visit, I decided to explore Akumal while in Mexico on vacation with my family. Everyone, both the locals in Mexico and everyone on TripAdvisor, told us to go try Turtle Bay Cafe & Bakery in Akumal. Akumal is located below Playa del Carmen and above Tulum, where all the Mayan ruins are. It was a very small coffee shop and you can sit outside under a thatched-roof hut and watch iguanas crawl all around you as you drink your delicious coffee! The coffee was superb, I got mine iced, and it was very earthy and fruity, packed with natural flavors and it's organic! I also got a caramel apple cheesecake for a little treat and it was absolutely scrumptious! The place was very packed - tons of tourists because it's right next to a resort. The experience is one I will never forget and if I ever go back to Mexico, i'll definitely be taking a drive down there again!
The coffee machines

The entrance

Ordering our coffee!

The little huts we sat in!

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