Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zumis Coffee Cafe

Zumis Coffee Shop-  Ipswich, MA

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Zumis Coffee Shop is located on 40 Market Street in  beautiful downtown Ipswich, MA and is a local hot-spot for avid coffee drinkers and aspiring artists to show off their work and enjoy a nice cup of organic coffee.

My experience at Zumis Cafe was excellent.  From the moment I walked into the shop I could immediately smell the fresh coffee that was being brewed throughout the day.  I went around midday and the people inside were a bit different than I would have expected.  Many artists enjoy Zumis not only because of the coffee, they go there to show off their art work as the owners of Zumis change the inside decorations in the shop every couple of weeks.

I would absolutely recommend Zumis to any avid coffee drinker or anyone who enjoys a nice and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a cup of joe or a nice pastry.  

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