Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sweets Coffee, Cakes and Treats By Andrew Gerety

Sweets Coffee, Cakes and Treats


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I visited Sweets for the first time on a Tuesday at about 11am it is a coffee shop and a bakery.  They have been open for only two years but they are located just down the street from a Dunkin Donuts.  Sweets is located at 56 Main Street in Kingston, MA.  When I went the shop was very quiet and there were only two other older men there.  The owner said they are busiest from about 7am to 9am and then again around lunch time. 

 Inside the shop is very small and there are only five tables to sit at.  They offer a wide variety of flavored coffees and espressos.  The staff is very friendly and welcoming of new customers.  The owner  told me how they make all the baked goods from scratch, offer gluten free items,  and they make lunch daily.  The day I was there she was making meat ball soup for lunch.  They have breakfast sandwiches and muffins to have with your coffee.  The price was comparable to chain coffee shops but the quality was superior.
The baked goods were really good I tried their cookies and a muffin.  The owner told me that they ground the coffee fresh everyday and they get their coffee from a local roaster.  Overall my visit to Sweets was a good one and I would recommend to anyone in the area to give them a try.  It is family owned and operated and a great place to get a coffee and to relax. 


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