Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tap Coffee

Location: 150, Nanchang Road, Luwan, Shanghai, China
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Tap Coffee is a pretty special cafe in  Shanghai. The theme of this cafe is to advocate environment protection. Every chair in the lobby of the first floor are made by abandoned or broken taps. Also, the menu are using by the recycle paper. An special account will be given if you buy the coffee with your own cups.

It opened up last year, and runs by two girls, Sam He and Sailing Liao, who have been stayed in Australia for several years. Sam used to be an international student in Melbourne, and she got a coffee-making certification in Australia. Another owner, Sailing, used to be a desert maker in a fancy and expensive cafe for almost three years. One reason that a lot of people prefer to come to this cafe is that they can enjoy more cheap but the same taste coffee and desert here rather than that fancy cafe.


This cafe has two floors. When we come inside, tables and chairs are put in order. Walked through the lobby, a nice counter and a magazine holder are shown in front of us. If people come to the cafe alone, they may not feel lonely, because they can read the magazine or enjoy the free wifi here. Walked inside, there is a side table and stair to the second floor.


Walk along the stairs, we entered into the second floor. This is how the second floor looks like. It supports people a secret and quiet place to talk or rest. The waitress told me that customers usually prefer to sit in the first floor during the afternoon time, because the lobby in the first floor is a perfect spot to enjoy the sunshine and the environment outside. However, during the evening time, people prefer to sit in the second floor, because of the mysterious decorations and comfortable environment.
 This cafe serve latte, mocha, cappuccino, long black, espresso, Macchiato. The most famous coffee they served is Flat White, which is developed in Australia. Also, another popular order is the coffee with hello kitty cream inside. I did not try this, because we have to make a reservation of it first. But I did order some nice dessert. Yummy!
The Waitress is very nice, but she seems do not know a lot of coffee. I guessed that she may not work here for a long time.
Compare to coffee, the dessert here are more popular. For my point, there are two reasons. First, Chinese people prefer to drink tea instead of drinking coffee, however, we have to admit that nowadays  more and more people in China begin to drink coffee. Second, the dessert here look very delicate. Also, as I mentioned before, the chef, Sailing, was used to be a dessert chef in a very popular, fancy and expensive cafe. Thus, people prefer to come here to enjoy the high level dessert with a relatively low price.
Most of customers prefer this cafe because of the decoration and the environment inside the cafe. It brings us a warm and neighborhood feeling. It is really a good place for friends spend on afternoon to get together here and enjoy the sunshine and the famous coffee and dessert!
I went Tap Cafe on Wednesday morning. No customers here except my friend and I. The day we went is a weekday, so that everyone have to go to work or have school instead of come here to enjoy the coffee. Without anyone inside, I really enjoy the quiet environment!

Even though this Tape Cafe is not the famous cafe in China, but I really like it, because of the nice coffee and warm environment!

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