Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mystic Coffee Roaster

Location: 30 Riverside Ave, Medford, Ma, 02155
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Mystic Coffee Roaster is In Medford Ma, actually just a few minutes from my house! It is tucked away on a busy street in the middle of the square. it is so tucked away that i didn't even know it existed until I started research for the project. Upon arriving i was not surprised with the lack of parking because it is in the middle of the busy town square. I found Mystic Coffee roaster from an online search and originally looked at the website. From the design of the website i was surprised at how small it was on the inside, and how plain is was on the outside.

The coffee shop was very small and quaint. It was a welcoming atmosphere, there were about 8 or 9 small tables. At one of the tables there was a young man listening to music and working on his laptop. At another table was what looked like to be a small meeting, with old people about 60 years old. It was not a very busy shop, I went at 130 on a friday morning, which is an awkward time. I stayed at the shop for about an hour and in that time customers came in about every 5 minutes, but only to carry out, there is not drive threw. There was one person working and he was extremely friendly. He did not have a problem with me looking around, and taking a bunch of pictures. He was a young worker and he did not have much coffee experience. He told me some basic facts about the shop, that it is a fairly new shop, only 3 years old. There is only 5 employees including the owner.

There coffee is 99% Arabica and they have many different blends. some of which were Ethiopian, Peruvian, Chilean, Sumatran, Guatemalan, Mexican, and Kenyan. They were all in tubs behind the counter where they were all dated for freshness. They roast their own coffee, and even have there own blend, it is called Mystic Blend. Mystic Blend is a dark roast coffee with a mixture of chocolate, vanilla, and other fruit flavors. I ordered just a regular iced coffee. All the coffees they have are available to be bagged, and sold, upon request. There is a website that you can buy there coffee from. Also on the website tells you that their coffee is sold at multiple restaurants and other local cafes. What i liked about this shop most was that they give you an open cup and there is a station where you can put your own milk, cream, sugar, whatever you like in your coffee. I like this idea because I hate when you get a coffee that is too light or too dark.

Another thing i loved about the shop was the decorations. They have bags of different coffees from different countries lining the walls. They also have pictures hung everywhere. I noticed that these pictures were available for sale. The man working told me that they are from local vendors around the community and that they cycle new pictures every month.

The menu was what i expected, there is all different kinds of coffee and tea. There was hot, cold, espresso, and also frozen drinks. For food they had croissants, bagels, muffins,and fresh pies. The menu is very colorful and inviting.

Overall i had a great experience at Mystic Coffee Roaster, the coffee was great and the shop was very inviting, and i definitely recommend it -Erika Aiello

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