Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Supreme Coffee and Donuts

Supreme Coffee & Donuts is located on one of the three main streets going through the entire city of Brockton. They also have another location located in Seekonk.

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1284 Main St. Brockton, MA 02301

At Supreme Coffee & Donuts you'll be sure to find a parking spot with their large parking area and even if you don't you can just go through their drive thru. Since there is a Dunkin Donuts located about a mile away there is competition but you're sure to find much better service and taste here.

Inside you can sit either at one of their many tables or at a bar stool facing the street. Supreme's style was somewhat dated but the friendly customers and soothing music would make you forget the decor.

At 3:30 on a Sunday you wont find a rush coming into Supreme and are sure to be taken care of right away. I noticed most customers were blue collar males. The conversations were mostly about work and family. Everyone who came in were not only greeted by the employees but the customers as well. Everyone seemed to know each other and were very friendly. Some coffee shops sell strictly coffee and donuts but Supreme sells lottery tickets as well. It seemed to be a good way to make extra money because nearly all the customers had a coffee and a scratch ticket.

After about 5 minutes of looking at the huge menu I ordered a medium iced snickerdoodle coffee and a regular coffee. The coffee was brewed fresh daily and tasted really good. In total they had 42 flavors for coffee and also sold smoothies, frappes, cappuccino, and so much more. It seemed my choices were endless.

As if the coffee selections weren't enough I saw that their food options were just as much. From donuts to bagels to muffins to twists there must have been 20 different baked goods, all which were made fresh daily. I ordered a bacon egg and cheese on a croissant and it was delicious. The eggs and bacon were not precooked but handmade which made it that much better. I was told that they usually have a promotional food item or drink such as a minty coffee for St. Patricks Day or a football shaped donut for the super bowl.

The service I believe could have been better but overall was not bad. The two girls working didn't seem to know much about the coffee or shop but were very kind to not only me but every customer that came in. It took a while to get my food ready but I expected that since they were handmade sandwiches.
Overall my experience was really good and I'm sure Supreme will be seeing me again!

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