Wednesday, April 10, 2013

French Memories
64 S Main St, Cohasset, MA
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French Memories is a small pastry and coffee shop in Cohassest, Massachusetts. The atmosphere is authentically french, with freshly baked baguettes and pieces of art lining the walls. The owners of French Memories, Jean-Jacques Gabanelle and wife Anneare originally from France. Jean-Jacques is the head baker and Anne is the shop manager. The delicious smell of pastries, bread, and coffee hit your nose instantly. The sound of the cappuccino machine pressing the espresso, the whirring of steamed milk, and clinking of ceramic mugs consistently mixes with conversations from customers enjoying a cup of coffee with breakfast. French Memories offers a variety of coffees in the morning, including their House, a French Roast, a brewed flavor, Decaf, and Guatemalan. Customers can also buy coffee bean bags of the Guatemalan, which is from a micro roaster company called "Redeye Roasters" located in Hingham, Massachusetts. 

When I visited the shop, it was late morning and fairly busy. Fortunately, there was an open table next to the large stained glass windows where I could choose to observe passersby on the street, or other customers in the shop. The amount of pastries and food to choose from seems almost overwhelming to a first time customer, and it took some time to look over everything. I finally decided on an iced coffee with a spinach and cheese croissant, and do not regret my decision!

While eating breakfast, I overheard regular customers talking about how delicious their food was, and an employee who referred me to the bakery has only positive things to say about the quality of the coffee and food at the bakery. My overall experience was great. I recommend French Memories to everyone and anyone looking for an unique European experience.

(Joan Wilder for The Boston Globe)

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