Monday, April 22, 2013

Coffee Milano ( Middleboro MA)

The Coffee shop in which I visited for this assignment was Coffee Milano located in the center of Middleboro, MA. I have never been inside the coffee shop before so I decided to try out this place across the street from the Honey Dew I always go into. Let me tell you, I will never go back into Honey Dew Doughnuts again. I decided to visit the coffee shop with my mother because we always make coffee runs together in the mornings at either Dunks or Honey Dew.

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When I first got into the coffee shop, it was just my mother and I, but also a group of 5 local business workers sitting around drinking coffee, and talking about the upcoming town selectmen voting.
When we were leaving there was a younger man around his 30s, and as soon as he got into the door the lady at the front knew just want he wanted.

I felt like it was a very friendly, nice, quiet environment. The lady working was a sweetheart, and explained to me the in's and out's of the people that visit this place, and how she runs things in the shop.

The price was by far more then reasonable, the coffee was very rich, and my bacon egg and cheese tasted like it was home made!

One Cool Feature I found that they had all the types of coffee bags out so you could look at the labels

Vienna Coffee with a Colombian Decaf.

Overall I give Coffee Milano a 10 out of 10.

58 Center Street Middleboro MA. 508-946-4006
Open Mon-Sat 7-5 Sunday 7-2

Looking Down to the Center of Middleboro
Right Across the Street is a Honey Dew
Sitting Area ( Wi-Fi)
Menu, Counter to Order

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