Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mocha Java, Dedham MA

In the heart of historical Dedham Square lies Mocha Java. It is a family owned and run coffee shop that has been located in Dedham since 1995. For those who are not familiar with Dedham Square, it is a cluster of a wide variety of stores and restaurants. There is everything from D'Angelo's to quaint fancy cuisine. Fortunate for Mocha Java, the only missing aspect of Dedham Square is a chain coffee shop to compete with.

Mocha Java is a very small coffee shop that provides their customers with a large variety of beverages as well as pastries and other light snacks. I visited the shop on a Sunday at about noontime. I ordered a mocha java coffee, black, and was surprised at how affordable the coffee was for such wonderful quality. Mocha Java coffee was described on the menu as: "The world’s first coffee blend –coffees from Ethiopia and Indonesia. Rich and Robust ". It was most certainly a rich coffee, but not as dark as I expected it to be, but then again I like my coffee extremely dark. My first sip of Mocha Java nearly burnt my tongue it was so hot! It is one of my pet peeves to receive lukewarm coffee, so Mocha Java got some points for having hot, fresh coffee.

The space of the coffee shop is extremely small, and there are only about seven tables inside that customers can sit at. I often go to coffee shops in order to get schoolwork done, but I don't see myself being able to be very productive at Mocha Java. There is limited space, and if you are lucky enough to get a table, they are tiny as well. When I sat down at my table, the back of my chair was touching the table behind me, and I felt like I was invading the woman's privacy that was at that table. It was very busy when I went so I had to wait at an outdoor table for a table to open up on the inside. Once I finally got a table inside, I was able to take in the full experience of Mocha Java. There was a wide variety of people in the shop, ranging from families with children, to teachers correcting papers. I had never been to Mocha Java before, but I instantly felt welcomed by the barista as she informed me of which coffees were brewing that day and their different roast levels. There was also a sign that was right next to the register that people could look at in order to quickly see the coffees that were brewed that day and a specialty drink of the day. The more I observed, the more welcomed I felt. The employees would greet regulars with a smile and brief conversation while they got their coffee for them.

I was curious about the coffee at Mocha Java, and because it tasted so good, I wondered if it was fair trade. After I enjoyed my cup of coffee, I went up to the counter to make conversation with the girl working there. I told her I was in a class that studied coffee, and that I was doing a small project on Mocha Java. Once our conversation got started, I asked her if the coffee served was all fair trade and she wasn't sure, but said she would find out. That is when she addressed a woman that was sitting at a round table reading a book, drinking a cup of coffee that happened to be one of the owners of Mocha Java! She was sitting in her own coffee shop enjoying her time there. She informed me that all the coffee was fair trade, which I was very happy to hear. She also said that the coffee beans are ground directly before brewing with both espresso and the regular coffee.

I will absolutely be visiting Mocha Java next time I am visiting Dedham. Although the space is limited, the most important aspect of the shop it exceptional, the coffee. I cannot wait to return and try some different blends of coffee, and maybe even an espresso drink! 

Jenn Sundman

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