Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cafe Olio


Cafe Olio, a small cafe located in South Plymouth, MA was only established merely 8 years ago in 2005.  In Plymouth there are many different restaurants and cafes which all fancy the thousands of tourists that Plymouth has all year long.  But this cafe is different from the rest of the other cafes in town.

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Cafe Olio is in the center of the Pine Hills in Plymouth.  For those of you who do not have the pleasure of knowing what the Pine Hills are, it is a large part of southern Plymouth that houses thousands of people.  There are various houses, from apartments to condos to multi-million dollar homes and they house from young adults to the senior citizen community.  The Pine Hills has everything from a hairdresser and spa to a grocery store and liquor store to even there on dentist and dermatologist right inside of the neighborhood.  And of course you cannot forget their very own, Cafe Olio!
The location of Cafe Olio is not the best for their business.  Right across the street is the Market of the Pine Hills which almost does the same thing that they do, and is a little less expensive.  They serve the coffee and sandwiches and food just like the cafe.  

Cafe Olio is an Italian inspired cafe which offers many different options for drinks and food.  There drinks range from juice and tea to lattes and espresso and obviously coffee.  They also serve food daily.  There are breakfast sandwiches that they make every day and sandwiches for lunch made on the spot to order.  They also have various pastries that they make fresh daily.  The cafe is split into two different sections, the breakfast and pastry part and the lunch part.  The lunch portion is where you get your sandwiches and soups and salads.
Not only does Cafe Olio serve food at their cafe, but they also cater! But this cafe gets even better, they also put on different events for the community throughout the year.  They just had an Easter Sunday meal that they took reservations for.  And they are soon have a Kid's Concert and Pasta Dinner night.  

 I went to Cafe Olio on a Saturday morning at about 11:00, and it was about half full.  There are seats outside, but no one was sitting at them.  And there were about five tables inside along with two small couches.  The space was a little cramped for that many people to be there, but the seating was nice.  The environment was friendly but it was more of a locals kinda of place, where everyone knew each other and it was mainly older couples that were enjoying coffee and food.  When I walked in with my boyfriend we got a couple looks from the older people as if we did not belong.  The cafe was very clean and the baristas and the owner of the Cafe were very friendly and were always cleaning to make sure the cafe was clean for the customers, tables were wiped down immediately and trash was thrown away as quick as possible.

Amanda Hibbard

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