Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Panache Coffee Shop Matt Bianchi

Panache Coffee Shop, Framingham MA

Panache Coffee Shop is located a half mile west of Framingham center on
680 Worcester Road or better known as route 9. Panache coffee is in a 
great location located on a busy road generating lots of customer traffic for 
the coffee shop. 

Panache Coffee Shop is also located near Framingham State 
University, and the Coffee shop gets frequent visiters there and 
enjoy their coffee while doing their homework. Panache Coffee 
offers free wifi which makes it a perfect place for college kids to
go and when I was there that was the general age of the customers

My visit to the Panache Coffee Shop was a great experience and 
would suggest it to everyone who loves coffee. I went on the 
weekend mid day and most of the seating was full. The store provides
 a great atmosphere to enjoy your coffee in and hold a conversation. While
in the shop it was mostly a sit down and have a conversation coffee shop, 
or do your homework. Not many people came and left almost everyone
came in and sat down. And Panache coffee does not offer a drive through.
Panache coffee has a great atmosphere playing soft  acoustic music lifting
the mood in the store, and has a warming environment due to the color
scheme and the warm furnature.

Panche Coffe Talks about there coffee very highly, "Panache 
Coffee only buys, roasts, and packages class 1 Specialty Grade
 coffee beans. These beans represent the top 5% of harvested 
coffee." and I would have to agree that the coffe is delicious. As 
for literature to go with their coffee, they provide books to read,
and also games to play with friends.

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