Monday, April 29, 2013

Java House in South Boston

Java House

I have always been told that South Boston was made up of Bars, churches and coffee shops. And that statement still stands true today (though I think the coffee has changed a little).

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On East Broadway in South Boston you could find at least three coffee shops while walking down the street. But Java House is the one you should actually stop at. Though its appearance has you questioning its taste once you try the coffee you’ll remember the saying ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’.

Java House has been around since 1989. Though it does not have the traditional local coffee shop feel you still feel its connection to the town. Even though it has no seating inside or out you likely to linger. The employees are friendly and the costumers are even more so. Staring a conversation with a total stranger is a clichĂ© in a coffee shop but at Java you’ll leave questioning how you have never met that person before. The regulars come from a wide variety of people. With school, churches, and a courthouse surrounding the area you are sure to meet an eclectic bunch.

Where Dunkin Donuts gets it wrong.  Java does it SO right.  The flavors are there, but not overpowering.  The coffee tastes fresh, not like it is sitting in a tub for days on end. The iced Coffee selection is vast and each flavor is ordered from a different company to guarantee the best taste of each flavor. 

The most unique part about their iced coffee is that there is no added syrup. The beans itself are flavored during the roasting process at the factory and the blends are created to give you the distinctive taste of snicker doodle, milky way, and even pumpkin spice. 

If you are new to South Boston or just a coffee lover I would highly recommend you stop by. Try a new flavor, chat up another costumer, or simply order a regular coffee. No matter what you can't go wrong. The South Boston community might be a little hesitant to let you in but the coffee community will welcome you with open arms!

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