Sunday, April 15, 2012

Render Coffee

563 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02118
(617) 262-4142

Render Coffee is located in the South End of Boston. It is a small coffee shop, but inside of the building the place is thriving with great coffee, delicious food, and friendly people. I happened to be in the area for an interview and stopped by to see what the place was about. I was shocked because for a breakfast and lunch place, it was packed on a Saturday at 4pm. As soon as I walked in the aroma of coffee and food sold me right away. The customer has the option of getting food and coffee to go or to place an order and have it be brought to them at their table. I was the youngest person in the little coffee shop, but the ages ranged from twenty to sixty years old. There was an equal amount of males and females and a variety of races being served. Most people usually were alone reading a book or on their laptops. I would suspect Render Coffee is a great place to relax and get work done. They provide free Wi-Fi and a relaxing atmosphere. The only downside to my experience was they needed more seating. I was lucky to find a seat because the place was packed. The tables were also very close together, but I couldn’t complain because the coffee was great. They get most of their coffee from Counter Culture. This is a company that is certified in Direct Trade. Direct Trade established a direct connection with the farmers and gives the farmers an even better price then fair trade coffee. The coffee was poured over, which means that each coffee is made to order. The coffee is grounded and placed in a one cup brewer. This means that the coffee is not brewed, then sitting for a customer to order it. It is freshly made for each customer. I was shocked at how much the owner knew about coffee. His reason for opening the coffee shop was to only serve the best and most fair priced coffee and food. He even gets his food from local farms and it helps the surrounding community. This gives the customers healthier food options. Once I asked the owner about his coffee, it was hard to understand everything he was saying because he was an expert in the coffee field. He also mentioned that he just opened his shop in October. He was already doing very well. He invited me, as well as the public, to attend their weekly counter culture coffee cupping event every Friday at 10am. I definitely will be visiting more and I highly recommend you to visit too.

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