Monday, April 16, 2012

North Shore Coffee and Tea

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So as it turns out I'm the only person from the North Shore in the class, but that fine. I prefer to be different; however, that is nether here or there. I chose to go to Coffee-Tea and Me: one cup at a time in Melrose, MA. Interestingly enough I found this coffee shop by accident, originally planning to visit another shop. The joint was reasonably priced, they served very nice Central American coffee. The staff were present enough, although the woman behind the register could have been more pleasant. In her defense she was clearly pregnant, so it would have been the hormones, or just her charming self. The owning of the store was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Furthermore, when I asked him questions such as "Is your coffee fair trade?," he did not hesitate to tell me that some of his product was not. I admired his honesty, but his website says that all the coffee they sell is fair trade, so there leaves something to desire. The establishment was booming with customers, it seemed that no matter what time you came to the shop no less than eight of the ten tables were occupied. In addition to coffee and tea, custom cakes, pies and pastries were made fresh daily. In all, I thoroughly enjoyed this coffee shop, I look forward to returning to it.      

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