Monday, April 23, 2012

Coffee Break

Coffee Break is located in Quincy, MA and there are three shops, all in Quincy. Everything about Coffee Break is well respected and growing up in Quincy it is the most popular CafĂ© shop in Quincy. The customer service is very people funny and the coffee is made how customers want it. Coffee is there main drink but they also have different favors of tea. Also, they have numerous of frozen drinks coffee and non-coffee. There Beans are bought exclusively from four different certified Specialty Coffee roasters. They also, offer fair trade and organic choices. They have 16 different coffee favors and the most popular is the “Jamaican Me Crazy”. The dairy is from a local farm that is hormone free. All there baked goods are also, fresh bought from local Bakeries daily. Coffee Break is very Community friendly; they have live music and art display from local artists. Wi-Fi is available and they have all leather couches where customer sit down and do work or surf the net. If your ever in Quincy and want a great cup of coffee and a break, stop at Coffee Breaks three locations: 12 Old Colony Ave, 77 Parkingway and 247 Atlantic St. Hours: M-F 5:30a-6:00p, Sa 6:00a-5:00p, Su 6:00a-5:00p

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