Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Atlantic Bagel

Atlantic Bagel is located in the middle of South Main St. in Cohasset, MA. It is a quite busy area with limited parking available. There is a Dunk n' Donuts about 2 miles away from Atlantic Bagel so there is some competition, but I believe the reputation of their bagels keeps a steady stream of loyal customers walking through its doors. Almost everyone that entered the shop while I was in there got some sort of bagel, which included one lady ordering a bag full of bagels. When I approached the owner about his coffee he had very little knowledge other than it was made by a local roasting company called Araban, it was fair trade coffee, and that it was very good. He was right about that the coffee was very rich in flavor and one of the few coffees I have ever tolerated drinking black. He was extremely friendly and was able to answer any question I had. Overall it was a great experience to a very lovely shop with a friendly crew, great coffee, and amazing bagels.

-Tyler Stewart
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