Monday, April 9, 2012

Me & Ollies Bakery and Cafe


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Me& Ollies is located in downtown Exeter on Water Street, near the Exeter town hall. This location is in the middle of everything in this small historic town. This small family run shop is best known for their great homemade breads and pastries; however they are also known for their wide range of coffee selection. Their breads are so good that they won best bread in New Hampshire. The shop offers both inside and outside seating, weather permitting. The inside is filled with a mixture of comfortable chairs and wooden tables creating a comfortable and cozy setting. The coffee is good and strong for those who like a good eye opener. It isn't the best I have ever had but it is absolutely a place I would go back too because of the atmosphere.
            The clientele who frequently visit Me & Ollies range from students who attend the local private school to business men and women on their lunch break or having a lunch meeting. When I visited in the afternoon there were groups of students coming for lunch, four or five men having a meeting over hot Panini and coffee, and a group of mothers with their children. However when I went in the morning there was a different group of people. There were more people coming and going instead of sitting and staying a while. Even with this there were few free chairs available at eight, one hour after they open. One of coolest thing that I learned about Me & Ollies was that all the produce used was grown locally.
            The customer service was impeccable. The men and women behind the counter were more than willing to answer all of my questions about what was in all their different coffee combinations. The employees were very down to earth and knowledgeable, for the most part, about what Me & Ollies provided in terms of coffee and baked goods. The service was also quick; you weren't waiting for twenty minutes for your coffee that was then cold by the time you finally got it.


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