Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Daily Brew Coffee House

I Decided to go visit The Daily Brew Coffee House. The Daily Brew is located in Cataumet Ma. I decided to visit this place because I always drive by and I have only stopped in once. It is a very busy Coffee shop for people of all ages.
While I was there I notice many people sitting down to eat but, many people took food and drinks to go. The Daily Brew serves all types of sandwiches for lunch and all different breakfast options.
They do all of there own baking in house. They have many different options for hot and iced coffee. They get their coffee from jims organic coffee in Wareham Ma. The sandwich and coffee that I had was very good. I Highly recommend visiting this place.

The Owner Kathy Hickey has been in this location for 12 years. She prides her self in good service and good food. She also likes to support the locals by letting them sell some of their art work and crafts in her shop.


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