Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Coffee Exchange in Providence

I've gone to visit The Coffee Exchange at many different times during the day and every time I go its a very bustling scene I love almost every time I've been. The only time I haven't been is earlier in the morning, but I had just realized that it's not that inconvenient of a trip. I may just take it tomorrow!!

The customers that frequent this establishment have the choice of either carrying out or taking a seat and enjoying their brew, there is no drive-thru.  There is a plethora of people that walk through the doors of The Coffee Exchange. Located not too far from downtown providence, it's inhabitants are indicative of the inner city. Students, professors and business professionals that all "Exchange" a tip of the hat at The Coffee Exchange.  Variation in age and group size varies among times of the day. Later in the day, the students are finished with class so they come in droves, but the lunch rush belongs to the business professionals.

The owners founded The Coffee Exchange in 1983 and pride themselves in the organizations they support.  Imported through cooperative coffees, they encourage the ideal all that we've been taught all throughout class; coffee is a universal language that we all should learn to speak.

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