Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Better Bean Coffee Company

Better Bean Coffee Company is a coffee shop located in the center of Bridgewater. It's a very short walk from campus, so I visited on a delightful, 70 degree Wednesday, with my friend. Despite the shop being so close to campus, I had never visited before, so I was excited to stumble upon something wonderful and close. There was some cute outdoor seating, but the wind was very active, so we opted for indoor seating.

Better Bean Coffee Co's proximity to campus. It took us about five minutes to walk there from RCC. Though they do not advertise it on campus, the owner told me that they have poetry nights and open mic nights hosted in the shop on select Thursday nights.

The menu consisted of different coffee drinks, hot and iced, bakery items, and different sandwiches. I ordered a cup of their house blend, hot coffee. My friend tried their dark roast and got a "Californian" sandwich. He highly recommended both, and I was extremely pleased with my coffee. It tasted fresh, fruity, and simply delicious. After I was done observing, I went back to the owner to explain how I had come from class and to express how much I enjoyed my cup of coffee. We chatted and he recommended the "Ethiopian Limu," which is a very fruity single source coffee that they sell as whole beans. They advertised it on a small dry-erase board by the ordering area. He also told me about their open mic nights and poetry nights that they host.

After I ordered, I turned around and was so pleasantly surprised to find this board of information. Information on origin was provided down to the farmers' names. This made me quite happy. 
Inside the coffee shop, local art lined the walls and eclectic tables and chairs added to the warm and inviting, "hip" environment. Some nice, Middle Eastern sounding instrumental music played in the background. Two different women were getting work done while slowly drinking their drinks. One appeared to be a student doing work, while the other woman was in business casual. Two professors drank coffee and carried out a lively conversation about the sociology department on campus, and a young couple appeared to be on an unawkward date. After us came only two more customers. One of the customers took out a hot coffee and pastry, then the other took out an iced coffee and sandwich. 

Though not empty, the place certainly was not booming at 5pm. My friend and I established that Better Bean Coffee Co is the perfect warm and peaceful atmosphere to get homework done in. We will most certainly be back to enjoy the space, the food, and the delicious coffee. 

Better Bean Coffee Co
23 Central Square, Bridgewater, MA 02324



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