Monday, April 17, 2017

Bridgewater Bagel and Coffee Shop

            For my Café Visit I went to Bridgewater Bagel and Coffee Shop on 86 Spring Street, Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  They have been at this location for a little over a year serving fresh bagels daily with flavored cream cheese, several types of flavor brewed coffee and much more from other beverages to breakfast sandwiches.  On a blue bird Sunday (April 2, 2017) around ten in the morning my roommate and I drove to Bridgewater Bagel to have breakfast.  Ordering a large iced Jamaican me Crazy iced coffee and a Tomato Basil bagel with Jalapeño Cheddar cream cheese Hayley and I sat down. I chose an iced coffee instead of hot because hot coffee from Bridgewater Bagel is served in a Styrofoam cup and from learning in class from Professor Hayes-Bohanan this will compromise the flavor. 
First I observed the space.  A television sat on the side wall playing the news while todays hits played from a large speaker in the front on the front counter.  Many pictures of animals line the walls (paintings of cows and dogs, paintings on the windows of bears). The bears used to attract the college students at Bridgewater State University (home of the bears).  For a Sunday Bridgewater Bagel seemed pretty slow with only three out of the maybe twenty tables in the shop including Hayley and myself filled.  These tables were groups of two or more all looking to be of the college age except an older gentlemen in the corner reading the paper. Most costumers that came in and took their orders to go while only a few stayed to enjoy the experience. 
As I began to eat my breakfast I found myself not loving the coffee that I ordered from Bridgewater Bagel.  I myself, usually only drink coffee black or with a little cream and after trying this coffee I was not satisfied with the flavor so hopefully next time a different flavor will taste better for me personally.  Bridgewater Bagel does not seem to promote one brand of coffee but rather a few (3 to 4) for the best flavors of each (S & D Specialty Coffees Incorporated and Boston’s Best).  I find this to be quite clever on the owner’s behalf not being limited to promoting one type of coffee but multiple to extend her business to others and hopefully add more diversity to the coffee and the costumers who come in to buy it. 

After enjoying my coffee I went to the front and discussed the business a bit in detail with the owner, Kristen A’Gostino.  Receiving the business from her ex-boyfriend she has tried to decorate the store more to her liking by adding the animal theme, more comfortable seating and a lighter atmosphere with the use of music and bright accents.  Another few fun facts I learned is there is a phone number that costumers can call but orders cannot be called in for pick up, a small and medium iced coffee is the same price and my bagel was fantastic.  I will definitely be coming back to Bridgewater Bagel to sit and eat/drink again. 

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