Monday, April 17, 2017


This past weekend my Mama and I visited ChaiBo Coffee and Tea House located at 37 Boulder Drive in Fitchburg Massachusetts. I had visited once before but, it was a few years ago. There is outside seating you can see when you first walk in, and then inside there are a few booths, many couches as well as some tables and chairs. There was a very relaxed vibe and it smelled very much like coffee (I liked it). There was over head music playing but I also happened to remember from last time I had visited that they often have live music in the evenings. My Mama and I had arrived around noon and at that time it was fairly busy. Most people were there in groups, typically sharing an appetizer or two. There were also many people coming in and ordering to go. There were only two people working and for how busy it seemed to be, they definitely needed more people to be waiting and serving. I ordered the "ChaiBo Coffee" which was coffee with a shot of espresso and I ordered almond milk to go with it. The coffee was VERY strong tasting so I could only drink half of the cup and I was rather wired after. My Mama ordered a Chai tea latte and she drank the whole cup, she enjoyed it very much. We also ordered a Caesar salad and a hummus platter to share. The Caesar salad was totally awesome and I am always a lover of hummus so no complaints there. Overall it was a pretty good experience and I would recommend it to a friend as well as visit again.

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