Sunday, April 30, 2017

Peekskill Coffee House

This coffee shop is located in New York and is one of my all time favorites. They serve arabica coffee and all there espresso beans come from Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras. They have all kinds of flavors starting with the simple ones like hazelnut and french vanilla to more extreme flavors like blueberry and gingerbread. What really sets this coffee shop apart from others is it upbeat environment. It is always busy through all times of the day and they provide awesome customer service. This cafe has a hipster vibe to it with cozy couches and vintage tables and chairs. . The best time to go, is on Friday and Saturdays because they have live music and trivia for the customers. Lastly, they also have a wide variety of food and desserts to go with there coffee like apple rounds and crepe's. I highly recommend this cafe to people who are huge coffee drinkers.

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