Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mirasol's Cafe

Mirasol's Cafe
439 State Rd, North Dartmouth MA
Hours: Mon-Sat 7 am until 7 pm
       Sunday 9am until 5 pm

This coffee shop is an extremely vibrant and enthusiastic place. There are bright colors on the inside and on the outside to grab your attention. This coffee shop stays very true to it's coffee roots by being a Latino cafe. There are tables and chairs outside as well as many more on the inside. This coffee shop seems to be extremely busy with a lot of people, including myself, ordering their signature secret iced coffee mixture called the "Chippi". It was so good and gave me a serious energy kick which is important to me with my caffeine. They also serve Jim's organic coffee which is a fair-trade brand and very good. Overall, the experience I had there was one filled with color, creative coffees and sandwiches/quesadillas, and many excited people to get their hands on one of those signature Chippi iced coffees!

One thing to add also is that it is located very close to UMass Dartmouth so it seemed to have a big college crowd of people who wanted coffee! Overall, it was an extremely cool and fun atmosphere that many college students including myself seem to enjoy.

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